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  1. Can anyone tell me if the fishing picked up by the mouth of the river or over by the plant.
  2. what is going on this time of year should be hot went out of mexico two days had some hits but notheing like it should be.
  3. well i learned one thing do not use plastic rod holders i learned the hard way i had one get ripped right off the boat on sat lost everything.
  4. I am coming up tomorrow morning has anyone been out of mexico point just wondering how the fishing is out there.
  5. he'll learn soon enought going back up tuesday for the week should be a good one.
  6. That is not good i did that a few weeks ago aleast he cought fish .
  7. I had my 8yr old nephew out this morning he landed a 30lb king at mexico point.
  8. I here that the salmon might be starting to stage out by the mouth of the salmon river going out tomorrow to find out.Has anyone been out there. lately.
  9. My starcraft islander was acting up on wendsday at mexico point i was told to take it up river to salmon river marina. I got to say they jumped right on it and fixed it for me just want to say Thanks Ray.
  10. can somebody tell me if you run a snubber with a wire set up,And also i would like to say thank you to Ray at the salmon river marina for fixing my boat on wendsday.Thanks again,

  11. im gonna try a spoon with a single hook this week what do ya think.

  12. Thanks for the info much appriciated will be going out tues thru Friday,Thanks again
  13. Can anyone tell me how the fishing is out of mexico point out from the power plant.
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