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  1. mexico bay

    mexico bay is the state boat launch open ????/ thanks.
  2. mexico bay any fish in the bay ??? hopefully the water will go down so i can put the boat in the water.
  3. any fish show up yet?? tough summer s
  4. doesn't seem to be geting any better between 5 boats on sunday only 1 person moved a rod and very few fish on the graph fished 80' out to 145'-cant catchem if they are not there
  5. Oswego Browns

    did decent out front of the marina all were down 100-105' all came on black and purple nk25-fyi also did about a 6 lb steelie 65' down
  6. Still tough fishing 🎣 not many fish on the graph only did a couple of small browns
  7. any fish show up yet ?? been a couple of tough weeks.
  8. New to fishing Lake Ontario

    look for a pack of boats they will have all the equipment to find fish--good luck
  9. not many fish yet-sat did nada , sunday 2 teenagers only marked 4 or 5 fish in 3 hrs , fish were 135' down or 145-oh well , maybe next week.
  10. slow morning only a couple small browns fished 90-140' not many marks no hooks to speak of going to be a late season if we have one?? must be slow in in OZ as there were at least 6 OZ boats in the bay????????
  11. mexico/nine mile

    thanks copper john
  12. had a great sunday with 3-brown"s , 3-stellhead all around 4-5 lbs and 2 kings 16&29lbs in 135' of water down 100 and 125" , went Monday fish were gone only a small brown , temp was gone on Monday--all came on anything red
  13. does anyone have a update for above , fished couple hours on Saturday- nada