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  1. Looks like someone learned all about the banana curse today. These came floating bye out in 170 fow.
  2. I second the Navionics can’t go wrong
  3. Never had a blood knot fail me and fits nice through the eyes of the rod. But if you’re just using a short floro leader a nice barrel swivel is the way to go. I usually use a trilene knot when tying mono/floro to a swivel and a polymer with braid to swivel
  4. Great idea. I’ve been cleaning em with a jet hose when I get home why not have it on the boat
  5. Tied a meat rig with size 1 I too thought they may be a bit small but lemme tell you never lost a fish on that set up
  6. Agreed the mixture of fleas and cotton wood is horrendous. Clogging up the tip of the rod so bad that you can’t crank in anymore a buddy has to scrape em off while fighting fish
  7. Finally had a decent outing in the 16 ft tracker after averaging only 2-3 fish for a few trips. Boxed out in a few hours in the evening last night all on meat. Headed west out of FH and found fish anywhere from 80-150 fow down 50.
  8. Just ordered some as well. The site is very helpful on telling you sizes for everything
  9. Does anybody know/have a diver chart for the magnum dipsy with the ring attached? The chart that comes with it says all its information is without the added “O” ring
  10. Thanks for the input I’ll check out blood run as well
  11. Thanks I’ll give em a shot. I’m a fan of vmc tackle
  12. Thanks and I agree it is tricky finding the right replacements
  13. Just curious if anyone here replaces their trebles on spoons for salmon? If so any recommendations and what size. Seems a lot of spoons come with cheap hooks.
  14. I hear yah but these bass fisherman and organizations do a great deal for conservation and such not to mention local economy. I totally agree they shouldn’t support big tournaments out of season catch and release program or not
  15. I should have rephrased “legal on most bodies of water” I fully understand not all regions
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