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  1. Do you know the name or maker of the top row, second one from left?
  2. Give Captain Mikey Ford a call. He owns and operates Reel Addicted Charters and Guide Service out of Mexico Bay on a 23' Rabalo. He has all the gear and knowledge to help make a memorable trip. or 845-594-3301. He may still have a few dates open for 1/2 day trips.
  3. Other

    Just re-visited this old thread to re-introduce myself to LG fishing since we are planning a trip there this weekend. Got loads of new tackle to throw in the water including gambler rigs and some jigs that have been proven on LG. Anyone else headed to George this weekend or been there recently? Thanks!!
  4. for sale : usa

    This Baha sure caught some dandy stripers on the Hudson! What a nice looking rig, good luck with your sale, Capt!
  5. I will take them, Joe! Nice talking to you on the phone, See you tomorrow evening.
  6. Email Sent, Thanks!
  7. You are not kidding! I'd gladly trade those 60&70 degree days we had in february back in. Stripers will be in the Hudson and boat will still be in a snow pile. After this cold snap we should be back on track though hopefully. Until then, Ill keep changing hooks and priming my liver for fishing season. Here's to nicer days ahead
  8. Wanted

    Stinger has something close in the nitro series, This was a good color for me on the FLs last summer after being introduced to it on Champ.
  9. Looks like they borrowed some ideas from a member on this board who sell dynamite laker rigs.
  10. I miscounted the original inventory. My apologies. I have 5 suspending left. All floaters sold. Below is a photo of the remaining lures. I'd take $30 + shipping for the remaining 5
  11. 19 floaters sold pending payment. Thanks B!
  12. Yozuri Edge Minnows 125 Yo-zuri Edge Minnow 125f (new out of package) $7 West Hurley, NY (12491) Hi LOU Members. I have a few Yo-zuri Edge Minnows 125mm R-975 lures - 24 lures total I would like to sell. I purchased these for the spring striped bass run on the Hudson River i but they have just sat in the box. Purchased from FishUSA in 2013 for $15.95 per lure. I would like to get 7.00 per lure. Shipping is flat at 5.00 per package regardless on how many you purchase. The colors I have are shown in the photos. Here is a list of what I have available. F for floating, S for suspending. Qty updated Blue Flash (s) - 1 Gold Flash (s)- 1 Sardine Flash (s) - 1 Silver Flash (s) - 2
  13. Cabela's Brand Semi-Synthetic 2-Stroke Oil Hi Guys, seeking advice. I have an older 1990 Yamaha 225 2 stroke carbeurated outboard. I have always run yamalube 2m outboard 2 stroke oil in the motor and never experienced issues other than the high cost of the Yamaha oil @ 32 dollars per gallon. While shopping for a new net on the Cabelas website I see they have their brand semi-synthetic tcw3 oil on sale for $12.59 a gallon. At that price i bought a gallon to try. Anyone have any experience with this oil? Nothing but good reviews on the product (44/45 gave it 4 or 5 stars) which leads me to believe its probably an okay product. I understand that the Yamalube and other higher quality oils have additives that decrease the amount of soot, carbon and ash buildup, but I run RingFree so I should be okay with this oil. Anyone have any advice or opinions? If nothing else, maybe someone else will benefit from a good price on oil from my post. Thanks! Bobby
  14. Sorry guys, these have been sold through another sportsman forum. Thanks for your interest.
  15. I responded to both via PM. Please give me a call or respond. Thanks!