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  1. Cannon Magnum STX 10

    Try hodges for 2nd rod holder if you cannot find it locally.
  2. Cannon Magnum STX 10

    Had the STX-TS riggers, the vinyl plate on the top of the rigger, each one the adhesive failed allowing rain to get in the bodies, both were fixed with no questions and no charge by Cannon. (they had to replace all wiring and motors). I went from running two, I now run 4 cannons I love my cannons, but would highly recommend investing in covers for them if left on the boat.
  3. for sale : usa Grady White

    That looks like a lot of boat for 10k! Good luck with your sale!
  4. Thanks guys for your replies, I've replied to your messages/posts. I have a pretty full stock for this year. I am no longer looking for them but will be again next winter. Ill put the word out and buy whatever you have.
  5. Cayuga 2/10

    Better than Ice fishing, good show!
  6. I ended up with one OR37L board, so if by chance someone has a new/excellent condition OR37R (Right) board I'd take it, otherwise ill let this thread go into the archives. Thanks mr 580!
  7. Thanks, Pap! I got my smaller boards from Franks, was very happy with them and you couldn't beat their price! Figured I'd start here see if anyone was downsizing their gear or had a set collecting dust before going brand new. YOU HIT THE NAIL ON THE HEAD WITH GO NEW AND KNOW WHAT YOU HAVE! Bought a pair of used cannon riggers for a "Steal" until I had to replace every moving part in the rigger to get them to work. HAHA
  8. Looking for a pair of Off Shore SST OR37 Mag Planer Boards in good condition and reasonable cost. Would need them shipped. Thanks in advance. Please let me know what you have and what you would like to get for them including shipping. Bob
  9. PM Sent - I'm always looking for F18s for Repaints. Thx
  10. Cannon Mag 10 telescopic boom problem

    if you call cannon they will send you a bunch free of charge
  11. All Pms and Posts Replied to. Thanks guys
  12. Hey Guys... I'm still and always looking for old Rapala Original Floaters in 18cm (7" size). Have any laying around you would like to sell?
  13. Do you know the name or maker of the top row, second one from left?