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  1. Pedestal seats w/ foot rest (2) from pursuit cc I have two pedestal style swivel boat chairs available for sale. They come with two swivel footrests. The were just removed from a pursuit center console to make room for a leaning post. They are solid but... The upholstery is in poor shape from years of uv (still usable, no tears), one strap to hold seat pad to chair is torn (temporary bungee included), one footrest has minor crack and one of the adjustment knobs needs to be freed. Easily installed with 12 stainless machine screws, 11 included. Located in Hudson Valley, NY. Would like to get $100. Could meet for pickup. Thx.
  2. Plastic box here... Dollar general with locking lid special. 3 boxes fit nicely inside an old milk crate.
  3. 3 lbs venison sliced 3/16"-1/4" 1 cup soy 1 cup worstershire 2 TBS liquid smoke 2 TBS garlic powder 2 TBS onion powder 2 TBS black pepper Combine and let marine for 24 hrs. Dehydrate until desired toughness. Just did 15 lbs. Takes a while to slice into consitant thickness but it's worth the effort. Doesn't last long around here
  4. Cayuga is going to be great when those LLS get a little bigger! There sure are a lot of them!
  5. AWESOME! Thanks so much guys. Now to find Ovid.... lol
  6. That's a beauty! Good going.
  7. Thanks Skatch and ID! Duke, I was on your website, some real nice trolling flys you have there! Ill be placing an order soon. I have tried to run a dipsy on a wire roller rod (size 1 and mag dipsy) and it seems to cause more trouble than its worth so far. Lost a HUGE brown/LLS at Cayuga last year when it jumped over the wireline at the back of the boat. Ill keep experimenting until success.
  8. Great Report and Photo! Are you guys running FF combos off the riggers or off a dipsy? Curious if anyone has luck running them off the riggers and what sort of presentation you shoot for (Depth - distance from ball, distance from flasher to fly) I still have not had any luck with FF presentations.
  9. Seneca

    I'll be looking for the browns from my work chair (so hurry up and find them, catch them and post a picture)!! Good luck. btw - your brown advice 2 weeks back helped produce some little ones on Cayuga in 40-50 f.o.w. along the west side. THANK YOU
  10. You got yourself a very nice well taken care of boat! Congratulations. Good luck with it.
  11. Seneca Slammer - Out of curiosity do you know who makes that spoon on top? I have one in a different color (orange with bronze checkered tape) that is killer for LLS on Lake George and have wanted to find some more. thanks!
  12. Ontherise, I'm a ball buster too, I sensed the sarcasm. I really can't say enough how awesome it is to get reports from 4 hours away. It really helps pass the time at work too Where I am from, Hudson River Stripers are king and guys get all bent if you share successful tactics and locations, I say the more the merrier!