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  1. I just wanted to thank the good people that organized this tournament. It was my best day Muskie Fishing yet. I know that COVID presented some challenges and prevented us from getting together after grinding all day. Big Congrats to the guys that put that 50 in the boat. She was a beauty. We didn’t catch any giants but these are the 4 we were able to bring in the boat.
  2. Quick answer....no!! Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  3. Hey all, went out yesterday 7/19 for a few hours in the morning out of wrights. Started out slow, until we found the wolf pack. Ended the day 8/10. 7 nooks and a laker. We were too deep early in the morning setting up in 200 fow and trolling out o 300/330. turned back around and got into 150 -210 fow and started getting better marks. ff were the way to go for us. fish were a little deeper too. dropped a rigger down to 120 and 2 min later had our first nook. As we were fighting that fish dropped the opposite side rigger to 115 and, bang, another nook. OK here we go fish were holding in about 110-120 fow over 180-200 fow. after we found em everything was going, took one on a 600 copper, dipsys fired a couple times, but mostly a rigger bite. Sorry no pics really, most of the fish were cookie cutter high teens/twenty pounders. all and all a good day, we only had one fish fire on a meat rig but heard from another boat they couldnt keep fish off of the meat. Its so much fun having the Kings back. Anyway I hope this report helps. Tight lines everyone.
  4. That's soooo weird there hasn't been a report for O town in a while. Good luck in the Pro Am everyone!!! Sharp hooks, and tight lines!!! Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  5. John hammered it out of the park!!! Eloquently done John. If you've read John's post and still don't think you should tip the Mate, your either crazy or cheap, and neither of those are endearing qualities!!! Tight lines everybody, good luck out on the water!!!!
  6. Let me preface this post by saying I fish lake O on my own boat and don't operate a charter business, however I am accutely aware of the costs involved in Chartering on Lake O. This is a rediculous topic. When you go out to eat you tip the waiter or waitress based upon service, if you feel you received good service, you provide a good tip. To the construction company owner, jobsite, GET A CLUE DUDE, If you dont think $800 is a good deal for a full day of fishing on Lake Ontario then go out and do the following: Go buy a $20,000 boat, spend another $10,000 - $15,000 to get it set up to fish Lake O, Drop $2-300 a trip on gas, Do not ever compare your fuel costs with that of a charter captain!, There is some science involved, moving a vehicle through the water and moving a vehicle around on land are 2 very different things and its not close. pay the $1,000 to to keep your boat at the marina, dont forget about upkeep of all of the equipment and the vessel itself. The costs associated with getting and maintaining a coastguard certification. And they do all of this to provide you, jobsite, with an opportunity to go out and potentially catch the fish of your lifetime, so do them all a favor take your 3 buddies pony up the $200 a piece, and if your captain has a mate tip that person as well. Or, jobsite, are you telling me that you cant afford $225 for a day of trophy fishing on one of the best inland bodies of water in our country. That is a you problem!!!! From an income standpoint, many of these Captains do this as a labor of love, they don't make a ton of money. Even though I don't take a charter often maybe once a year to try and learn new things, I don't feel anyone should complain about the cost, I think it is a fantastic value. Bottom Line is cheapskates are cheapskates! That will never change, not today, not tomorrow, not next week. To the captians that I know thank you for what you do, you are often the leaders in the conservation of our great lakes, and you are too often criticized. And Jobsite, there is no rebuttal, don't try you will only look more foolish!!
  7. We went out Saturday morning and gave the boats a shakedown cruise. Everything went well. Our boat went 14/16. With 12 brownies and 2 steelies. One Steelie just came out of the creek and tipped the scale at about 15 pounds. Not much size on the browns though. Our biggest was 8 pounds or so. Lots and lots of footballs. We were out between catfish and otter creeks. Fished in 8-22 foot water the larger fish came in a little in the deeper water. Gin clear everywhere with the South wind for a few days It would of been great to find some color. The other boat left the launch and head east. They went 20/22 again mostly browns, a couple small steelies. WE had a big fish calcutta challenge for lunch and thanks to the big steelie we ate well!!! thanks for lunch boys!!! Quality over quantity boys Your typical thunderstick and smithwick spread browns and copper colored early, silver & blue and silver and black in the afternoon.
  8. Went up to Mexico bay state launch yesterday. It was wide open. A bit rough but wide open. There was an unbelievable color break about 100 yards off shore. We'll be heading up on Saturday for A shakedown cruise. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  9. Hey Mark, so you're heading to Pulaski on the 4th. I would first tell you that's a hell of a good place to put your boat in that time of year. Their have been reports of some Salmon already starting to run up the River but those would be considered early runs. Labor Day weekend tends to be one of the last weekends we put in to fish the lake as the whitetail blood starts flowing. You should have no problem finding Schools of staging Salmon right out front. Hopefully there will be some Kings that are still feeding then. Their certainly will be some Cohos out there as well. Cohos tend to run just after the Kings do. We have found, as probably many will attest to, that trolling flasher flies and spoons will be your best bet. You will be able to pull plugs as well since a lot of the fish will be in shallower water. I hope that you get into a few. They are tons of fun to catch and fight like crazy. I would recommend coming a bit earlier next year. The month of August is what I consider to be Prime Time out on the Lake. Catching a spry Salmon that is still feeding its enormous gut is unlike any other freshwater fishing thrill. I have caught big Pike, walleye, bass, you name it; but there is nothing like a 30 pound chunk of pure muscle deciding that it wants to run 300 feet off you reel instantly. Best of Luck!!
  10. Im fishing the LSR shootout this weekend and trying to figure out when the Fair Haven Challenge is scheduled. Not having much luck tracking that down. Is it weekend of 17th? if anyone knows please lemme know. I only have about 6 weddings to dodge during the month of August so any help would be appreciated.
  11. Nice job on getting a first timer out there. I'm afraid though that the Coho eluded you that 2nd fish is a steelie for sure. Definitely does not take away from your day. I personally love fighting Steelies.
  12. I caught 5 on Sunday trolling south end of Owasco Lake. We were trolling stick baits flatlined and two colors of leadcore. Trolled from 6 fow to 70 fow. Picked up 1 laker (7lbs.) 5 Northerns biggest was probably 33".Its been too windy for us to fish Mexico Bay where we like to pick browns, so we went to Owasco hoping for some Browns/Walleyes. Got neither of those but it beat yard work. We were only out about 4 hrs. we were a little disappointed because we didn't catch what we were looking for but Northerns are fun to catch they fight like the dickens. Everyone of those Northerns destroyed the stick baits. It was amazing that they didn't break off they had the entire lure in their beaks, all nine points of all three treble hooks. It made me look forward to the annual Canada fishing excursion.
  13. So, after a very pedestrian finish in a stream fishing derby Saturday I was craving a little Lake O action on Sunday. The boys and I got out there about 7:30, and......."not so much". Slowwww Day!!!! The last 3 trips had been killer with lots of nice browns, some salmon action last weekend, a walleye, and a few lakers taken but Sunday......."not so much". we set up in front of Catfish. A lot of boats out there and they were scattered so I knew that wasn't a good sign. No Colored water anywhere after fishing in chocolate milk last weekend. That's an offshore wind for you. No marks on the HDS so picked up and motored to Salmon River mouth, finally found some colored water just north of where Salmon dumps in. 1 rod fired and we picked up a small fat brown. We heaved him back in the lake and continued for about 2 more hours. Nothing, so I guess it was a beautiful day but as far as the fishing....Not So Much. That's all for now
  14. It was 12lb leader. It looked as though it was cut clean.
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