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  1. Still looking! Open to Crestliner Authority 20 or Commander 2050, Lund Baron, Lund Tyee 19 or bigger, Lund Sport Angler 20, Fishmaster 196 or 210. Could be open to others just send me a PM.
  2. The 1850 Commander is a little smaller then I wanted but I am checking it out later next week when the guy gets back from vacation. Decent price for that boat.
  3. My bank drug their feet approving the loan since the boat was in PA and I'm in Maine. By the time I got it approved the boat sold. Got everything lined up now for future sales.
  4. Still looking for a Fishmaster, Lund Baron, 20ft Lund Sportfisher, Crestliner Authority, Crestliner Commander. Open to other models in the 20-23ft range as well.
  5. Cant wait to come pick it up!
  6. Sold my Starcraft Islander recently and im looking for an deep aluminum open bow boat. Looking for a 196, 210 Fishmaster or a Lund Baron. Possibly open to other models depending what it is. I have been pricing out new but im leaning towards used! Thank you!
  7. For sale is 2 Okuma Magda 30 with Okuma Classic Medium 8ft 6" rods spooled with 20lb mono, 1 Okuma Magda Pro with Cabelas 8ft 6" rod spooled with 12lb mono, 1 Daiwa Accudepth with 12lb mono and a Cabelas 8ft Rod. 50.00 Each. Okumas are new this spring, Daiwa was new last spring. Ill be in Mexico until late morning Friday can meet tomorrow or Friday morning. Won't be back until fall due to selling the boat.
  8. Decided to launch out of Mexico yesterday and head over to the Salmon River. We setup just north of the mouth found dirty water and lots of bait. The brown trout were feeding! We had a 9 line spread and we crushed them. Even picked up a few lakers in tight! Weight rods and 1 color cores was all the fired for us. South Troll was best for us, 2.4-2.6mph. Best Spoons UV NBK in stinger and stingray, Northeast Troller ice NBK, UV Green Glow Alewife, Northeast Troller Green Eye Monster and Black Tux with Glow Back. Tight Lines!
  9. Started trolling the Harbor at first light waves still splashing over the breakwater here and there. We picked away at a few browns but it was slow going at first. We took a lunch break and headed back out and the bite was HOT! Several tanks in the mid and upper teens! We ended up with over 30 bites through out the day! 1 color, 2 color and weight rods were our top producing rods. Hot spoons for us were Stinger crushed ice alewife, dirty white boy, lances 2 face stingray, pickleseed glow back, green gander glow and black tux with glow back. Yet again no stick bait bites for us. 2.4-2.6mph was prime speed for us. Couple pictures I have, ill post more when the guys send them over! Tight lines!
  10. We setup at Catfish Creek and trolled west found a couple browns. We finally found a warm pocket of water near the plant and the browns were stacked! We ended up going 19/22 on browns, nothing huge our biggest was 8 pounds alot of cookie cutters but it was nice to get on the browns! 1 color core, flat lines and weight rods were the only thing that fired for us. Hot spoons were Northeast Troller Purple Monster, Purple Clown, Michigan Stinger Black Edge, UV Purple Clown and Black Wiggle. Hoping we can get out fishing tomorrow afternoon and Sunday once the lake lays down a little! Few pictures from the trip. Tight Lines!
  11. 18in Amish Outfitters Trolling Bags used 3 times don't slow my boat down enough. Purchased bigger bags. 80.00 In Mexico/Oswego until Sunday fishing. Ill be back 12-16th fishing again. Ill post pictures tonight.
  12. Good Luck! Ill be down April 28-May 2nd to fish. Boat will be at Salmon Country this time try my luck out of Mexico!
  13. Hoping the brown bite turns on soon! I'll be back down in less then two weeks fifishing out of Mexico this time for 5 days. I planned on fishing west of catfish for browns or east of the salmon river up on the sand beach areas. If the Brown bite is super slow again I may trailer the boat west and try to get on some Kings!
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