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  1. We ran 150ft-190ft just west of the plant. Frog Hammerhead Cowbell with Greenhornet spin and glow fly combo Blue/Silver Hammerhead Cowbell with Asteroid spin and glow combo Green glow cup Hammerhead Cowbell with green/uv blade whirlygig and yellow Mirage fly. Top 3 producers for us!
  2. Been fishing out of Oswego for 2 days with only one brown to show for it, marked some in the harbor, ran a 6 line spread but couldn't move a rod. I've tried stingers, stingrays, bay rat, Rapala, smithwicks and northeast trollers. We gave up on browns after the morning and spent the afternoons out pounding on the lakers since the brown bite is off. Over 30 bites each afternoon. Anyone having luck with browns? I know outside the harbor its clear and cold but I have one day left to make it happen before heading home. Hopefully the rain tonight will help. Debating on heading out of Mexico tomorrow to try my luck there!
  3. (2) Shamino TDR 9ft 6" MH Rods Excellent Shape used last fall a few times. 60.00 for both. Ill be in the Oswego/Mexico Area April 7-11th fishing I can meet then.
  4. Perfer to meet in person but Ill look into shipping but I think it may be quite a cost.
  5. 4 Scotty Tubes came off my Scotty 1116 propack. Upgraded to adjustable rod holders. (4) Tubes with mounting base. Ill be in the Oswego/Mexico area April 7-11th fishing will meet and drop off. 35.00
  6. New Okuma Coldwater CW453DS with a new Okuma GLT 9' Medium Diver Rod and a Twill Tip still in the package. The reel is spooled with 7 strand Bloodrun Tackle trolling wire. I purchased 3 for my boat never used this one its fully rigged and ready. I paid 205.00 before tax for the setup, asking 175.00 Ill be in the Oswego/Mexico area April 7-11th.
  7. I have a custom built planer mast. I'm looking (2) Big Jon Clamp on Reels, (2) Big Jon Clamp on Pulleys.
  8. I'm actually throwing around the idea of selling my Islander so I can get a Baha or Penn Yan. Thats a sweet boat!
  9. Offically out of Storage! Time for the spring tune up and haul her down from Maine!
  10. Ill definitely give that a try as well! I have a mast on my boat with otter boards and inline boards if the otters are too much for the shallow waters.
  11. I sarted fishing Lake Ontario 2 years ago, I only fished for Kings in the summer and fall which has hooked me to the lake. Im bringing my boat down for the spring Brown Trout bite. Ill be down the first week and last week of April and again in May fishing out of Oswego and Mexico. My plan was to run sticks on the flatlines off my boards, Chinook divers with spoons off the corners and spoons on the riggers. We have a good variety of Moonshine, Stingers, Bay Rats, Rapala, Smithwicks and Northeast Trollers. Couple questions I have: What is a good speed for browns? Certain depth or area in April to concentrate on? Thanks for all the help!
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