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  1. No hardcore electronics, but it does come with a VHF radio, Garmin 140 fish finder, spare prop. I also have two used Big Jon downriggers with gimbal mounts that a friend asked me to try and sell (not associated with the boat-separate deal).
  2. C-Dory - 2006 Angler, 19 feet. Powered by a 90hp Honda 4 stroke outboard with 664 hours. Built in 50 gallon gas tank Located in Baldwinsville, New York (Syracuse area). One owner, well maintained. Asking $26,500. According to Boating World Magazine - "The C-Dory tracks as if on rails, allowing hands off steering, something that will be appreciated by those running downriggers". Boat is a hard top open to the back, has a 7'8" beam and a cuddy cabin with 6'2" of headroom. If interested please contact Jim at: [email protected] -or- 315-657-5783
  3. Here are two of our better fish from the last couple of days. The king was 25lbs, 39 inches.
  4. One of three today on a quick 2 1/2 hour troll. Done for the year, on to hunting season. It was a good summer on the Lake.
  5. 1 of 5 on a quick solo troll. 190 to 140 FOW. They hit on everything I put out that day.
  6. My wife landed her first good sized fish, now she "gets it".
  7. I've just always fished. Never a great fisherman, but I always loved the outdoors. My earliest memory is bullhead fishing with my Dad on the Chenango River. From there is was always the occasional bass, perch and sunny. My most vivid memory was when I was 12 and fishing with my Dad and friends in the 1000 Islands. I caught a 32" Northern and it was the thrill of my life. In high school and college it was bass and walleyes in the rivers around Chenango Bridge, sitting on an overgrown lock wall that hadn't been used for 150 years casting for bass; reading the river and zeroing in on bass with a six pack looped through my belt. I went to college up in North and discovered the Adirondacks. Fishing for trout in lakes, with one of my best memories being a day that myself and two of my roommates limited out on trout (10 apiece back then). What a day. We went back to the college and had a huge fish fry (the kegorator helped too). I spend years chasing trout after that, never had as good a day as that. Hitting streams around Syracuse and making trips back to the Adirondacks to hike back into remote lakes to fish, camp, and if we were lucky, use those bread crumbs we brought to fry up some trout. In between trips to the 1000 Islands for bass and northerns have peppered the years. Seven years ago I got a boat and got into the Lake Ontario trolling thing. What an education. The best part about it has been great days on the water, learning as much as I can. All those years of fishing and knowledge, but trolling out on Lake Ontario was like learning a new language, but I'm now catching some nice fish and hopefully creating some great memories for my kids. In the future, I dream of trying big game in the Florida Keys, maybe someday when I retire. Hopefully I'm passing it on to my kids. They have loved yanking sunnies and perch and the occasional rock bass out from by the dock. I've got them helping to reel in some nice salmon and steelhead, even got my wife to reel a big one one in (now she gets it). Dad got me started, and we still fish. We got out twice this year, got Dad a nice steelhead; last outing we got blanked, limited time fishing as we were chased off the water by storms, but sharing a nice time on the water and a beer at the dock (maybe more than one) I'm not the best fisherman, but I've always fished.
  8. Here is the link to the NOAA marine point forecast for Lake Ontario. Gives you the wave forecast based on your location on the water (as everyone states, take the forecasted wave height and double it, that's the biggest wave you'll likely see). http://www.crh.noaa.gov/greatlakes/?c=haz&l=lo&p=a
  9. Picton is a great spot, with good docking and walking distance to town for restaurants, etc. If you get East towards Bath, the Loyalist Cove marina is very nice, showers, kitchen area and grill area; pump out, etc. Nice people.
  10. If you like the down east trawler style, EASTERN makes a nice boat. I have a 248 EASTERN EXPLORER (24'), they also make a 248 TOURNEMENT which is outfitted for fishing. Here is a link to their website that has pictures and specs: http://easternboats.com/248-tournament-2/ If you have an interest, reply, and I can give you some performance details. Good luck looking for a boat, there's a ton of them out there, with their own pro's and con's.
  11. I do a bit of Cruising with the family on Eastern Lake Ontario. From our home port in Fair Haven, we have gone to Sandy Pond, Sacket's Harbor, Cape Vincent and the Thousand Islands, as well as Kingston, Picton, Waupoos and Main Duck Island in Ontario. We have also cruised to Geneva on Seneca Lake by way of the canal system (Oswego/Erie/Cayuga-Seneca Canals). I would love to go from Fair Haven to Lake Huron's Georgian Bay by way of the Trent Severn Canal, with a loop up to Mackinack Island. I think I'll have to wait until I'm retired to do that one as it would be a very long trip. We plan on cruising across the Lake to Cobourg and touring the Rideau Canal (Kingston to Ottawa) for our next trips. Watching the forecast and the sky is the biggest thing to remember and plan on extra time to stay in port if Lake conditions do not permit crossing for a few days. When reviewing wave height forecasts, remember that those are averages, actual waves will be much bigger and can be worse, as it is only a forecast. Probably the biggest mistake made is that folks think the Great Lakes are just a lake, but they need to be respected like the Ocean. Gordon Lightfoot didn't make up the song; the Edmund Fitzgerald really did sink in the mid 1970's. Beyond the waves and weather, there are a multitude of details to know if you are going to be prepared to Cruise the Lakes. If you are trailerable you don't even have to cross the Lake, just trailer it and drop in where you like. Fair Haven is a great spot with easy access to Oswego and Sodus Bay. The Thousand Islands are great, Kingston, Waupoos and Prince Edward Bay, the Adolphus Reach are nice too. I've never been, but Northern Lake Michigan/Huron sound like a great place to trailer to and explore. Where ever you go, like the previous post said, have the charts and know how to use them, GPS can fail, and always let someone know where you are going. Jim Overall I enjoy the challenge of navigating the Lake. To be prepared there are many details
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