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  1. To a degree splitting hairs... distance/depth not all FF are equal or work the same, some cannot find the bottom out past 200 fow My FF display is set to print " marks" in red numbers at their depth/distance from transducer.. it works, I catch fish... I will have to reread thread, seems like I missed something
  2. I believe my FF is accurate af when it shows fish (depth) on the screen and what depth my rigger balls are running, FH speed & temp is probably correct, i dont think its depth measurement is accurate. 10# pancakes
  3. We only managed 1 king and 5 fat chromers today, equipment failures, fed 3 spoons and a dypsie to the lake today fishing the 30-34 line
  4. 1st trip fishing Ontario with my boat and 1st trip Evar fishing for King's.. Took 3 kings, 22,20 and a 9, 6 steelhead added to the box also Started at 29 line fished to the 34..made multiple passes, lake was sloppy.. 6 rod setup.. Will post pictures soon.. Tight lines
  5. I hear that...!! Thats why I havent run LC in yrs, make a turn dragging an eye and you have a mess...
  6. Wire off the dypsies, a shot of copper ( 300 ft ) off the boards.. I think... I have 4 rods set up with 5 color and will add the 5-6oz snap weight run them off the boards.. Thanks Tomb1
  7. Making a list for SDs colors and meat rigs... keeping an eye on the weather for next week, full sun or no sun.. hopefully the wind permits..
  8. I have a group that has been in my ear for a couple yrs about doing a trip to Lake O for salmon, thought Id ask the guys and gals that fish the lake to help our odds, so Thanks to everyone who has responded...!!! probably has helped a few of the lurkers also.. BTW, if you shop on craigslist, stay away from anyone offering imitation crab meat and model trains... tight lines my friend..
  9. will add the dypsies to the spread and remember the tight turn warning thanks
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