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  1. The "Big Ones" sound like the guys I fish with..😆
  2. Just a slight of the hand way of telling you " Bull Sharks can live in Freshwater" Bull Sharks remind me of pit bulls, kinda..😐
  3. Just a clarification on my part, I drive a 24ft Thompson HT. After reading the title to the thread I thought I better make that clear. You guys that drive the smaller boats have bigger balls than Bikini Bottoms can make..😆
  4. We fished the Oak monday morning, lines in the water by 630, winds were NW 10-15, waves 2-3s trolled east, air was warm. Then about 830 wind direction changed to NNE and picked up to 20-25, got cold and we were in 4s-5s We pulled everything in, 28 line, surfing 5s and 6s, not f-ing fun. One wave we surfed had to have been larger than 6, I let off the throttle to let that big SOB fall apart in front of us. Just posting this juices me up Got back to camp, cut what we caught, and by noon the sun was out, temperature was rising, the winds were dying off, when we left camp to go home at 330 the lake was flat.. fished 2.5 days out of the 6 we were there, this time of the yr, winds should allow you to fish more than that. this yr and last 2 yrs have sucked. Next yr I might push the trip back to the week after Labor day. Anyhow, the group loves fishing for Kings. Be safe out there
  5. That was the determining factor for me was that you could get to deep water fast. Now the weather/wind is a different story 😐
  6. Gives you precise location other than saying we fished so and so depth of water that could be anywhere..!
  7. Sorry didn't see your post, it was fishable for us, lake flattened out late morning. We fished the 28.5 line out to 32, then drove back in 28 line trolled east, took 4 kings, 2 steel, 1 coho.. missed the same amount
  8. Everything is rigged and ready to go, just finished gassing the boat, coolers are ready, just need 4-6 hrs tmrw morning, not asking much 🙂
  9. Is the weather/wind going to let us fish tmrw..?
  10. Waiting for a weather window couple miles from the Oak.. I cannot believe this wind..😠
  11. We did get out today, took 8 fish, 7 king's 1 steelhead, biggest fish came off meat right out front 1st thing this morning, took another couple nice fish 250-300, then finished up deep with a nice steelhead and a couple more king's. This was a charter for us on Trolling Tales Charters, thanks to Captain Joe Allowatt and 1st mate Easton, great day
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