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  1. Congratulations on year spring bear i,am sure it was a hell of adventure.
  2. Congrats to Mike and his crew for being great fisherman.
  3. Can anyone give me a head,s up on how the fishing has been at the Oak,it would be very appreciated.
  4. Do the downrigger,s work? I have the part for the one.
  5. I had a problem with one of my mag 5,s so i took it apart and found about two inch,s of water in it,my guess is that it came from the decal on the top that says mag 5st so it will cost me a few dollar,s to replace what,s wrong with it, but if you happen to own one it with pay you to check that that decal is sealed so this does not happen to you.
  6. Dick,s who is also field and stream has hired three anti gun lobbyist,s in D C go figure.When you buy your hunting equipment this fall keep that in mind your money will help the anti movement.
  7. Myself and a friend went out of Hughes yesterday and went four for four on spring king,s with a bonus skippy to boot.Sixty feet was best water for us with most of the fish coming off of slide divers,with a black and silver nk28,sea sick waddler,and a magnum stinger alewife taking fish.At one time we had a double going and got them both in the boat,good day of fishing.
  8. Nice report i will have to get over there soon.I get tired of catching perch.
  9. I hope they catch them and hang the bastard,s.
  10. I have a single big john mast with pulley,no reel.
  11. I have two great lakes riggers for parts if intrested,they rarely work but they are all there.

  12. The motor always ran good,it has not been used in a while.
  13. I have two pairs of planner boards for sale $50.00 a pair take your choice,both work well.
  14. I have a 1978 long shaft evenrude runs good last time used,needs motor mounts.Motor also has elec start but needs to be rewired.$250.00
  15. minn kota and tite lock rod holders are sold
  16. Yes i,am retired so i am around,tonight would be good around 5 or 6 or tomorrow night here is my cell 585-775-7486. Today ,am going out for perch ba ck n the afternoon.Mike
  17. No it is still for sale.Sold
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