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  1. I am intrested in two if you have them,mike 315-789-3482
  2. Rod Hog i was wondering what the status of my lures was?
  3. Rod Hog the check is in the mail.Signalman
  4. Mec 650 20 ga for sale Like new Mec 650 20 ga. reloader for sale $200.00 works perfect.Loader is located in Geneva or will ship for additional ups charges. Mike 315-789-3482
  5. What kind of shape are they in, is it possible to post a picture.
  6. I hope the guy has enough back bone to man up to this and take care of it,Are you a man or a slime is the question.
  7. I use a encore single shot pistol in 7-08 it does a great job on deer size animal,s,and you can get any barrel configuration you can think of.
  8. i talked to a guy on seneca from hugh,s and he said 200ft out in front of sodus they are getting action on king,s.
  9. I went out of dean,s cove and went around there.
  10. I have flea flicker on my rods, so they were not bothering me.
  11. I went over to Cayuga this morning,i,ve been a little tired of washing lure,s on Seneca and had a prettty good morning i had 6 laker,s on straight copper in about 85ft,thing,s seem to get a little slow afterwhile so i put a sutton 44 and another smaller type spoon down on my riggers and picked up my speed to 2.4over ground i had another 12 fish on and landed all salmon and rainbow,s mostly small,all to be released with the exception of one bow who didn,t make it.
  12. I had a not to bad of a morning I managed 5 decent laker,son a great lakes blue mullet,all various depth,s no ryme or reason to it.And les I heard they are going to bring a portable blue crapper just for y.
  13. Good Going Les, Things are pretty slow here,maybe it,s the east wind.
  14. IS that the name of the company that make,s it? If so how about some picture,s to see what y have for sale
  15. Yes i also have a new york c.c.,and at other times i have had a mass.cc. and a penn. c.c..
  16. I have a florida concealed carry and a Utah and I can carry in a lot of state,s,even if you pass thru a state that does not honor your permit,s if you keep the pistol in a locked box with clip and ammo away I believe you can pass thru without problem,s
  17. If you log onto lacrosse web site you can see them ,i might mention they have metal stud,s on the bottom to help with traction,a great boot for a working man.
  18. I have a brand new pair of overshoe boot,s size 12 and I have a brand new pair of ankle high rubber,s for sale,also size 12,$75.00 for the pair. Mike 315-789-3482 Plus shipping or you pick up in Geneva area.
  19. I just pulled a package of gold out of m y freezer and today date is on it from 2014
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