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  1. What is your boat?I will be out there in the am 18/ Py with red stand up
  2. I have two big john short arm for 120.00 315-789-3482
  3. I have a 9.9 long shaft for sale,it needs motor mount,s but it runs well it also can be made it to a electric start with the addition of a harness,starter is there.$350.00 Mike 315-789-3482
  4. That a boy les get after them hog,s,i think I will take my boat down there for the derby change of scenery,see ya soon
  5. Good going les that,s a nice mixed bag,the is is a little thin where i,am at but i,ll do the best i can.
  6. I see two thing,s wrong with that boat,one is in the back and one is on the side,you can have that one.
  7. Hey les I had my drop curtains done yesterday by sodus bay,he did a nice job,proably go out on Seneca Monday if weather is right,i will talk to you about it.
  8. Is this motor electric start,and what year is it.
  9. Bob congrat,s on finding a nice penn yan,good luck with your new rig.
  10. Hey les ya should have gone fishing with me.I,ll wash them alpenas for ya that,my job.How bout Friday are y game.
  11. George I was wondering who makes the frost byte spoon and what size has been working for you.
  12. Good going les iam glad you had a good morning.
  13. Where were you fishing out of,and what kind of water were you on?
  14. Hey les I run a mini set on Seneca sometimes and it work,s well on the laker,s.small silver set of flasher,s and a peanut behind behind off of the downrigger.
  15. Thank,s for the tip I will try it down there this week.
  16. I have a friend who is selling a 30 merc four stroke,it is mint 315-651-5213
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