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  1. Harvey, I just received my weights yesterday. (8/26) Talk about slow snail mail! lol they look great, Thank you!
  2. Can I get 2 - 12 # torpedo's please? Shipped to Lancaster NY 14086. How much total? Floyd Schilling 220 Westwood rd. Lancaster, N.Y. 14086-9539
  3. Take it to Rocky Bottom Prop repair in Elma Ny, he repairs them better than new.
  4. Does anyone know which launches might be open and/or usable from the Niagara river to Oak orchard creek?? Thanks in advance!
  5. Nice job! Good looking fish & a big smile, great to see! Where are you launching from? the state launch or on the east side?
  6. FYI, to you guys using climbing stands after climbing utility poles for 40 yrs. here is a little tip. Every pole or tree has what is called a high side & a low side. The high side is what you want to climb on, look at the tree & most will lean one way or the other the high side is the side that will be leaning away from you,(like a ladder) this is the side you want to climb on it will be the easiest & safest to climb. Also this is the side you want to hang your stand on for the most comfort while sitting. Good luck & be safe!
  7. Parked went out of business last year. a year after I bought my X bow from them! My buddy bought a ten point with the crank & it is a nice set up & easy to cock.
  8. We did 20 lakers last Fri. (9/13) & 7 eyes as a bonus. The week before we did 25 lakers & 8 bonus eyes. All in 85-110 fow straight out & west of Dunkirk. All with Gambler rigs, even a few eyes on them. We plan on doing it again this week.
  9. You can buy blind rivets at Fastnal stores locally.
  10. Put a rubber band through the eye on the meatball & do a 1/2 hitch around your line putting the meatball through the rubber band loop, it will either break off or you pull it off when you wind it in & get your ball back.
  11. Just a thought, why just because the water gets deeper do "they" close everything down?? The oceans are miles deep and they don't shut them down due to deep water. JMO the water is not the problem it is the people operating the launches/docks not taking the time to move, raise, extend, repair & make the docks useable. We all pay to use the launches, improvements should be made when needed. Olcott is always great & taken care of , no reason why all the others can't be! No reason launches should be closed.
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