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  1. Great to deal with, fast service & his product works great. We have been killing the lakers using his cowbells! On 2 outings on Erie we boated 33 lakers & all were released but 3 for the smoker.
  2. I made 2 out of some 3/8" steel rod I had laying around. Just bent it into a " s" shape & slipped a piece of old gas line hose I also had & done! looks like the Amish outfitters style & works great.
  3. Good answer!
  4. If they build a launch like the one at the Buffalo safe harbor it will be a waste of money & time! It's a million$$$ launch that $uck$ big time. Just a terrible design all together! To launch a boat by yourself you need to walk back & forth, up & down the ramp 4 times about 25 yards each time. Then to retrieve it you need to do it all again, just a plain stupid set up!
  5. " Really thrilled to call her mine" your wife right!? Best you clarify or you might be sleeping on that boat alone. lol
  6. Lmao, Stone ,every time someone mentions something new you got to have it, like a kid in a candy store! Go for it I guess. lol
  7. I heard from a friend a few years back it took 8 hrs, along with the ships. He stopped doing it & put it on a trailer to go back & forth. May have changed idk.
  8. Congrats , sounds like you had a great day! Pap is right you got the fever now! lol
  9. Maybe Look at Grady whites.
  10. My outlet is next to the hole that you put your safety chain into on the receiver just to the side of it about an 1" away from it . I just drilled a couple holes through back of the plastic box & attached with self taping screws. the outlet faces out towards the back. I would guess you could mount it any where that is convenient & easy to get at. If I knew how to do the pic thing I would post it or I could text it to you. check your pm for my # if you want. send me your #
  11. For your electric winch get one big enough( DD Litton 9,000 works for my 22 Grady) so you don't have to double up the line. I ran my # 10 gage wires right off my truck battery with a breaker right on the pos. post along the frame right into a regular plastic house outlet box & a house 15 amp outlet which is mounted on the trailer hitch next to the receiver covered with a snap tight spring loaded outdoor outlet cover. Then I put a 3 prong electrical plug on the wire going to the winch connector., like an extension cord about 6-7' long. when using it I just plug it in on both ends & it works great! When not in use I coil it up & put it in the truck. Make sure you keep track of the + & - all the way through! I have moved & used this set up on 3 different trucks so far. jmo good luck.
  12. Good for you, how does it pull down the road a bit big & heavier than the old one I bet.
  13. Was this with the new to you new big boat, if so how did she do?
  14. By the looks of these odd fish, I would say there is something in the water! he he.
  15. I made some 1.5x12" they did have less blow back but I saw a lot of turbulence coming off/ behind them on my sonar the entire length of the weight which I figured might spook the fish. They weigh 11# ea. Check out u-tube video. "How to stack two rods on your Downrigger" by Kokanee kid fishing. He shows a pipe wt.