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  1. Any info. on where we would find the browns ? It will be our first time up out of Wilson, Olcott, or oak orchard. Wondering what depth to start looking or did we miss the bite? Thanks in advance! Maybe looking for lakers too.
  2. At least this year you don't have to worry about ice coming over the falls so far and maybe not at all. First time I fished the art park drift with my father and brother in my father' s 18ft. boat, my brother insisted that we had to go to the devil's hole to get any fish. My father told him "F- that" his boat wasn't going there and if he wanted to go, get out and walk there the fish have to go past us to get there! Needless to say we didn't go there! lol fond memories.
  3. Maybe off a old penn Yan tunnel drive??
  4. Plan on fishing this Wed. So besides Lewiston launch what others are open to use? Wilson, Olcott, or Fort Niagara lunch?? Thanks in advance for any info.!!
  5. Harvey, I just received my weights yesterday. (8/26) Talk about slow snail mail! lol they look great, Thank you!
  6. Yes I still want them. You can let me know, Thanks.
  7. Can I get 2 - 12 # torpedo's please? Shipped to Lancaster NY 14086. How much total? Floyd Schilling 220 Westwood rd. Lancaster, N.Y. 14086-9539
  8. Take it to Rocky Bottom Prop repair in Elma Ny, he repairs them better than new.
  9. Does anyone know which launches might be open and/or usable from the Niagara river to Oak orchard creek?? Thanks in advance!
  10. Nice job! Good looking fish & a big smile, great to see! Where are you launching from? the state launch or on the east side?
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