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  1. Olcott is a great launch, Niagara can be tricky with the river current & Tuscaroora is good but as mentioned stay within the channel. Good luck.
  2. The little guy looks pretty proud of his trapping results! Nice!
  3. Is it open with the repairs done ?? Thanks
  4. Thank you
  5. Nice looking mount.
  6. Is Youngstown launch down in the hole by the yacht club? Thanks
  7. Hope to get out this coming week, weather looks good so far. Thanks
  8. Not to steal your thread but I was wondering if any launches in the area are useable? Wilson, Olcott, at the Fort, or even Oak orchard?? Any one know? Thanks!
  9. Stone, Enjoyed your posts very interesting, thanks!
  10. You guys are good, keep up the good work! They look to be a good size.
  11. Torpedo recommends using a figure 8 knot on all terminal tackle connections. Better than the knot lotsa shows on their web site.
  12. We use to kill the walleyes with those purple hot & tots years ago!
  13. Whaler the one on the right looks pretty good size! & the other is a nice color. keep the pics coming, thanks.
  14. Nice one , you guys are having fun, keep up the good work!
  15. also consider the weight of you batteries & where they are to off set each other & other equipment so the boat doesn't lean to one side. Chascurt also had many good ideas to keep in mind.