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  1. Key west 1720

    My buddy has a 20' open bow fish/family one. Has 150 hp Yamaha 4 stroke. has a very nice ride & easy to fish out of . He does all rod in hand fishing, no equipment other than a few rod holders. Nice boat imo.
  2. Spring's first signs

    Saw my first 2 robins this AM.
  3. WTB Grady white 232

    Did you check out the Grady Sailfish 254 that is fro sale on this site? It looks like a beautiful boat in great shape!
  4. So the launch is useable ??
  5. Sea sick

    X2 on the ginger root I use to use the capsules, you can take as many as you need too. I used 2 to start & then more if needed. I also used the wrist bands but the only thing I found them good for was to wipe the puke off my face! Didn't work for me. all Dramamine did for me was delay the puking until the next day along with a head ache.
  6. Spring's first signs

    I got red winged black birds, tom turkey strutting with 17 hens in the backyard & saw a dead skunk in the rd., looks like spring is on the way.
  7. Walleye on Erie (from a kayak)

  8. Tire ??

    Don't know where to ask this. This has nothing to do with fishing (sorry) but I am wondering if anyone knows this.? Can I replace all 4 of my P265/65R-18" tires with 4 new P255/65-18" on a 2016 GMC Yukon without screwing up the vehicle computer or anything else?? Thanks for any info.!
  9. Lake Trolls/Cow Bells

    XX2 they work great!
  10. calling all dogs

    Whaler, that is one beautiful colored yote.
  11. calling all dogs

    I recently heard about a crew of 10-15 guys hunting with dogs & driving the woods like for deer that have killed over 60 yotes so far this season. They also say they are everywhere!
  12. for sale : usa Grady White

    Same here , good luck!
  13. Crestliner Eagle Wobbly Hardtop

    My hard top frame is all welded aluminum.
  14. Wanted Putting cabin on land?

    There is probably a minimum size which would be legal where you are. Build the shed on RR ties so it's not a permanent building ,& a 1 hole out house . 1 room 10'x12' & a 6'x10' deck on the front all the same floor framed on top of the leveled RR ties. . Hide it in the woods & don't tell on yourself. Ours is about a 1/2 mile in. This was built on advice from the local tax assessor. jmo.