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  1. I saw a tv show where the guys were shooting doves out of the sky with bows, was very impressive! No way I would even think of it!
  2. Nice one!
  3. L&M Hank!
  4. I bet you even said darn & shocks to yourself after that! That sucks!
  5. Same from here, Congrats to all!
  6. Nice looking bow , home made??
  7. Go with 19 strand Torpedo wire, you don't need twillie tips & you can pretty much use common knots with it. I buy a 1000" roll & split it up 500' on 2 reels backed with old wire I had.
  8. Sorry to hear of your loss Pap. You know what I went through with my wife last year. I had her home doing all the meds & care 24/7 never thought I could do it but I guess we do what we have to. My prayers are with you, your family & King Slammin also. We would have been married 47 yrs. this Tuesday.(11/7) King S. is right cancer sucks!
  9. Last call, anyone? Thanks for looking.
  10. I was told years ago that you should not have/use any extinguishers with plastic parts on them in a boat because the bouncing & wave pounding will break off the flow tube inside & they will not work if needed . They will still show fully charged but will not work!
  11. Great to see the kids in the action! I haven't seen that many grouse in 20 yrs.! congrats to all the kids!
  12. Nice looking boards hope they work for you lets us know results.
  13. Lancaster ny pm me if intereted
  14. Crossbow Bolts NIB Brand new never used , 6 Beman X-bow bolts ICS Hunter Thunderbolts. $25 (were $40 new) 20" long, have half moon nocks installed & also come with 6 extra flat back nocks. Bolts are high strength C2 carbon construction; O.D.= 22/64; wt. tolerance = +/- 2 grains; 10.5 grains per inch & are a black smooth finish.