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  1. Congrats, they are hooked now!
  2. Great job, congrats!
  3. Just use your index finger & let go.
  4. Great!
  5. Ray4852, Then small boat is not run by the NFTA. anymore. It was taken over by the state a few years back which made it a state park, & they are the one's that put in the new launch . It is their design along with the Army corp. of engineers. & it was their way or nothing! People can't figure out why they just didn't make the new launches like the old ones that worked great for years.?
  6. Don't let them screw it up like the one they (gov't.) just built in the Buffalo small boat harbor. A person alone can't even launch a boat, Its a really a bad set up. They spent millions of $$ for junk. They would not listen to the people that use it.
  7. Great, makes one wonder what the problem was in the first? nuts!
  8. Sold in one piece ?
  9. should be last 2 numbers of ser.# on stern
  10. Pics are in the first post
  11. I agree its a shame to part out a boat that appears to be in good shape!
  12. You might want to look at site I think some of those guys could help you out.
  13. I see 8 pics on the first post. I think this is the boat that has the homemade hardtop, looks good.
  14. Nice report & info. thanks. I need to pull my boat down there some day & try some of the fishing. I always said I wanted to fish most of the finger lakes.
  15. X2 I put these on my 22' Grady last year best move ever.