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  1. Take every thing you have & it all notarized & NY will still find something wrong or missing , that's just what they do ! (pita)
  2. Any chance some one can show pic of these rigged up,? Thanks.
  3. I don't see why you say too little time & too many spoons. You just need to spend more time on the water & catch a fish on each one! More time on the water is the key here! lol
  4. If it is an I/O check your bellows for cracks, dry rot,& holes. Water comes in those 4" holes pretty dam fast. Always check that the back plug is in before putting boat in water. If you trailer it check & double check before moving; tie downs on, safety chain, antenna & rods down, trailer lights working, kick the tires, lock the hitch.
  5. Have you checked out the new Smoker Crafts, they look pretty good. Deep, roomy, nice lay out.
  6. Was probably still fresh being froze up like that . ha ha
  7. Looks like some one's buried in the sand with just their face out in the first pic. lol
  8. Mine is a "95" Yamaha 76* V-X 225hp oil injected. should be good I guess.
  9. If I was to switch to semi- synthetic 2 cycle oil would I need to empty the oil reservoir completely before adding the synthetic oil to it or just add the new oil? Any thoughts?
  10. Olcott is a great launch, Niagara can be tricky with the river current & Tuscaroora is good but as mentioned stay within the channel. Good luck.
  11. The little guy looks pretty proud of his trapping results! Nice!
  12. Is it open with the repairs done ?? Thanks