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  1. lineman49

    for sale : usa Trolling Gear

    Are the Amish boards wood or fiber?
  2. lineman49


    Nice job!
  3. lineman49

    Late spawn

    How about trying "Catch your limit, but limit your catch", (catches). Don't always need new rules/laws. jmo.
  4. lineman49


    A friend always told me, I'll tell you how, what time, with what, but I will not tell you where! Maybe he wasn't a friend! lol
  5. lineman49

    Boat name?

    Jmo. I like Pharm A Sea or Fish Pharm (Phish Pharm ?)
  6. lineman49

    Sold / Closed yamaha 9.9 high thrust

    I have this exact motor & it will push my 22' Grady at 7+mph at full throttle. this seems like a good buy/deal. Jmo.
  7. I was going to mention about the life jackets also, but when I looked the second time I saw the kids had them on & thought they must have been under their coats.
  8. Well done, great video, congrats!
  9. We fished 70-140 fow on Wed. & took 9 of 14 coho & small king mix. all on spoons riggers down 47 ft., dippsy's on 1 & 2.5 140 & 150 back. good luck!
  10. I agree with Pap cables stretch & things get out of adjustment, loose screws ,shifter. I know a good o/b mech. lives in Colden & very reasonable if you need one.
  11. lineman49

    Fort Niagara Launch

    I will have to check it out, Thanks!
  12. Good luck with getting your problem fixed. Jmo. but remember kids don't care about big fish, size doesn't matter to them they like quantities/numbers. Maybe a pan fish trip would be a good idea. again Jmo.
  13. Congrats, now you have him hooked!
  14. lineman49

    Splash down

    FYI, for the sea sickness try taking some ginger root capsules an hour before you go on the water. it can be found in the vitamin section at the stores & you can take as many as needed/when ever. They worked for me.