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  1. lineman49

    Fort Niagara launch

    No one?
  2. lineman49

    Fort Niagara launch

    Does anyone know if the Fort Niagara park launch is open & useable now?? Thanks for any info.!
  3. lineman49

    Hardwater report !!

    Need a longer 2x4 lol
  4. I may have to get my little boat going, thanks for the info!
  5. lineman49

    Loaded questuon...

    I am surprised how many people worry about the recoil. Do you really feel it in the excitement of/when shooting an animal? I don't think I ever notice it even when shooting a 12 ga pump. I will notice it when sighting in after 6-8 shots. jmo
  6. lineman49

    Loaded questuon...

    Since I got my Browning 30/06 & used it, I have not used my pre. "64" win. 270 for 8 yrs. I love the 30/06.
  7. I have 1 with no fading, looks like new.
  8. lineman49

    Spring's first signs

    This morning the strutting old tom was chasing the young toms away from his 16-20 hens. Sure wish I knew how to post pics to show, but I just don't get it (to old & tech. dumb.) I guess. lol
  9. Total BS, wouldn't you think our state government should have more important things to do instead of screwing with the hunters & fishermen across the state & trying to take away our 2nd amendment rights!? Maybe they should try to repeal the kill the babies law & the safe act.
  10. lineman49

    Lower Niagara River ice situation?

    I would think between the high winds & broken ice boom it will be a week before it's good. jmo.
  11. lineman49

    Rodholder Recommendation

    If you are looking for triple tree holders check out H6 industries.
  12. lineman49

    15lb DownRigger Weights

    Ok thanks, not sure if my big jon 4' rigger boom will handle 15# wt. without any problems.
  13. lineman49

    15lb DownRigger Weights

    Do you make 12#,ers ??
  14. lineman49

    Spring's first signs

    I had 10 hens & 4 strutting toms in the back yard this morning. Spring is coming!