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  1. X2 , mine is done this way, good readings with no problems.
  2. Pressure washer or Dawn dish soap(it works on oily ducks!) lol
  3. I believe they like the glue in the plywood. contact DEC. to get rid of them or live trap & relocate.
  4. Nice job, love to see the smiles on your crews faces!
  5. Geeezzz, I stood there watching them do it for a 1/2 hr.
  6. 11 original hrs. & 19 hrs. ?? If the motor was winterized & pickled correctly(oil in cylinders) when stored ,it would seem that motor should be ok. Fresh gas, oil, filters, electrical plugs, wires, rotor, & dist. cap., maybe a carb. rebuild.. I agree $5-6000. Jmo
  7. Might want to check out web site for some info.
  8. Thanks, will do!
  9. Skipper 19, thanks for the info. great read! I think I will go for it!
  10. Well I got the good news , bad news deal today! I went to Cabela's today to buy their semi-synthetic oil @ $9.99 a gal. & their mechanic talked me out of it. He said the two oils should not be mixed & that the conventional oil will never be totally out of the system. And the semi may not be compatible with an older engine. Then I see what you guys ,all good, about oil is only in there a few seconds, & that if it reads tcw-3 it should be the same I really would have liked to use it. But now I am totally confused & I don't want to burn up an $15,000 engine!
  11. Thanks for the info. guys! Pap I was just thinking about if I was somewhere where I could not get the synthetic & had to use the other if there might be a problem .
  12. If I used semi-synthetic & then wanted to or had to go back to regular 2 cycle oil would that be a problem in the engine?? I have also heard once you use synthetic you can't go back to regular oil.
  13. FYI, The docks were going in today 4/3/17 on both sides.
  14. Prayers sent
  15. Beautiful fish, great report, Thanks!