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  1. Yamaha 3 hp; 2 cycle; short shaft (18" from the mount to the cavitation plate); tiller steering; self contained gas tank on top; only forward gear must turn engine 180* for reverse. It is used on a 16" aluminum boat & will push it 5-6 mph. It was also used on a canoe. excellent condition. Asking $450, can send pics if interested, PM me, Thanks
  2. lineman49

    Advise on 1999 Evinrude 225HP

    Call L&M Hank. Got fresh gas ? Try K-100 or Sea Foam, maybe water in gas tank. Maybe a spun prop?
  3. lineman49

    Dunkirk, NY Fishing

    We fished lakers on Friday got 10 out of 12 to the boat biggest was 18+ #'s. A bit west of the stacks in 110-116 fow. Had a fun day catching, but rough waters.
  4. New price $150 each 4,000 # cap.
  5. lineman49

    Cayuga Cayuga Color Advice

    4/0 Watermelon cow bells work great on lk. Erie out of Dunkirk.
  6. 2 - travel trailer axles off a 30' travel trailer; with 15" wheels;(needs new tires) electric brakes; leaf springs(4 leafs each); 76" between the brake backing plates. Asking $200 ea. or B/O. PM me if interested, Thanks.
  7. lineman49

    Dunkirk, NY Fishing

    Nice fish, Congrats !
  8. Try looking on the LEU site. Or walleye.com, eastern Lake Erie site
  9. lineman49

    for sale : usa Flea Removal Tool

    Some one better get a patent for this before it shows up on Shark Tank!
  10. lineman49

    Chinook divers

    I just started using them this year & like them better than the dipsy's. But I think they need a better way to move the weight around. Too easy to lose screw & lead. jmho.
  11. lineman49

    A little more from my Wicked Tuna Visit

    Nice story. Good luck to Dave & his new boat.
  12. lineman49

    for sale : usa Trolling Gear

    Are the Amish boards wood or fiber?
  13. lineman49


    Nice job!
  14. lineman49

    Late spawn

    How about trying "Catch your limit, but limit your catch", (catches). Don't always need new rules/laws. jmo.