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  1. Hard to believe this boat hasn't sold yet. good luck!
  2. A good welder can make it better than new.
  3. Good idea, Looks good ,nice job!
  4. Great story, get him out as much as possible! ASAP. Good luck.
  5. Just wondering if any Class action suit against the dam holders is in the works for all the damage going on? Just a thought.
  6. Quite the crew you have there! nice boat& good luck!
  7. Great. love that smile! Congrats!
  8. Great info. thanks! I think we are going too slow. We check the action of our lures next to the boat, does that action change the deeper it goes? So as long as the lure doesn't spin out it should be good correct?
  9. Thanks Gill-T
  10. Congrats,nice!
  11. Someone on here or LEU was just looking for one of these, good luck!
  12. Where do you park here? Not much around. You can't park a truck & trailer on the street all day, correct?
  13. WHAT are we doing wrong? We are fishing the lures, line size, depth of water, doing what every one here suggests But we end up with 2-4 browns & 1-2 lakers. Then I see here that other guys fishing the same area are getting 15-20+ fish a day! My speed is usually 1.8- 2.3. Any ideas for us? thanks in advance! We are ready to take up checkers!. lol
  14. X2 , mine is done this way, good readings with no problems.