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  1. Ray, My point is, when someone starts spreading an unfounded rumor, on a public forum, suggesting impropriety on the part of the tournament committee - That is wrong. Most people I talked too thought the event went well, with a few bumps in the road. Especially considering the number of participants. Most people also made suggestions about how to improve next years event, these suggestions have been noted, and will be brought up in the future. Most people did not get online and start bashing, which is want happened here. John W.
  2. OK, let me reword that. When you start spreading rumors, make sure you have your facts straight. As far as why the rules were changed, i am not getting into it here. If you want an explanation I am on Catfish Creek down Chase drive. Or you can talk to any of the other committee members.
  3. janz- Fyi there was no one manipulating the tournament. Before you start making accusations, you had better get your facts straight. Your boat name says it all.......... John W.
  4. To Janz - yes, with the number of boats entered we will extend the payout. The payout will be finalized tonight. John W.
  5. All the more reason to support our local tackle shops!
  6. Del, I would prefer the rules we have always used in Oswego. With that said, I would like to at least see the following changes. - No Communication - 9 Fish limit with lake trout either as a bonus, or like the pro division. - Fishing to end at a specified time. (This would eliminate any advantage one port would have over another). In the Oswego tourny having to be inside the pierheads by a specific time will, in most cases, give a huge advantage to the boats fishing out of Oswego versus those fishing out of the Little Salmon. John Williams
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