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  1. Original new in box 1987/88 $115.00 +Shipping $99.00 + Shipping 1988/89 $115.00 +Shipping $99.00 + Shipping Both $200.00 + Shipping $175.00 + Shipping
  2. NK Spoon Sale Round 3 All Silver"s Lot 6 {16} NK 28s $36.00 + shipping SOLD Lot 7 {6} NK 28s SOLD (1) NK DL28 All (11) Lot 7 Spoons $22.00 + shipping SOLD (4) NK L24s SOLD
  3. Hi Jose, Just got back from the post office you're lures are on their way, here's a tracking number for you 9500 1144 9731 7231 0169 10 Dave
  4. You're quite welcome it's the only way I know of how to do things, I'll get the lures to the post office later this morning and send you the tracking number Dave
  5. Jose, The package weights 9oz for $3.57 with the lures at $36.00 totals $39.57 Dave
  6. Their yours Jose, I'll get back to you with the cheapest shipping a little later this morning, sound good Dave
  7. NK 28"s Spoon Sale Round 2 All Silver Backs Lot 4 {16} $36.00 + shipping SOLD Lot 5 {16} $36.00 + shipping SOLD
  8. Hi Mike, I just noticed that you said you'll take lot 3 of the NK 28's nothing came thru my normal notification to my web address sorry for that, I'll find out how much shipping will be and get back to you, also that NYS Lake Erie website I sent you I think gets updated every Friday so do check on it as it normally has good info Dave
  9. Back from church why don't you send me a email to my address [email protected] where we can chat in private Dave
  10. The wife and I are going to church now, it's a holly day we are catholics but I'll get back to you later
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