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  1. Asst. New Lures never used for sale Rebel's, Rapala's, Smithwick Rogues's, 1 Challenger, and 1 Bomber 24A $32,00 + Shipping
  2. for sale : usa

    I need your complete mailing address with zip code to find out the cheapest way to ship them, and I do take paypal Dave
  3. 24A,s are 3 1/2 inchs long, if you are looking for a 4 1/2 Bomber those are 25A/s, there is no rust on any of the hooks and they are sharp, I'm in Niagara Falls Dave
  4. Looks like the first person who replyed is going to take them but if something falls thru I'll let you know Dave
  5. Mepps Syclops Great Lakes Trolling spoons 24 Mepps Syclops Great Lakes Trolling Spoons with color recommendations $30.00 + shipping SOLD
  6. Sold / Closed

    Rodger said you can get them at FisihUSA on sale for $3.00, could you please pass on to me that sale as I can't find it? Dave