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  1. I'm interested where are you located?

    1. bahamadave


      Niagara Falls next door to Niagara University

    2. Bada Bing

      Bada Bing

      I’m in palmyra, I would need them shipped 

  2. I own a x2 and it works great, I'm able to move it between both boats, the difference compared to the x4 it lacks depth display , so I look at the rigger instead. I fish on friends boats equipped with x4d and they perform the same. I like the x4 being wire less,. The x2 transducer placed on the down rigger really only needs to go down a foot, so it's not a big deal. Haven't experienced any inconsistent readings.
  3. Davenports has herring and cured alewives
  4. You can make an appointment on line for your county, it needs to be your county or the appointment will be cancelled.
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