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  1. Jumbo perch

    What's the length of the perch? My daughter caught a 14 1/2 inch perch and she still reminds me about releasing it. A replica could be a solution.
  2. 24 lb.laker caught on Lake ontario

    Is that the same fish in your avatar?
  3. Bear creek Launch

    You know need a parking permit.
  4. Looks like Canandaigua
  5. Looking at a penn

    Epiphanies spar varnish in gloss will hold for a long time.
  6. Lost Ice Fishing Gear

    I found a couple goose blinds in the middle of rt.21 two years ago, I moved them off the highway in a yard. I still wonder if the owners were the ones that found them.
  7. Guides for finger lakes tributaries

    Seasons over
  8. New boat.

    I don't see how a plate when idling around trolling puts more strain on the lower unit, then having the boat wide open with no plate. I can understand that if the plate is down and you open it up, it would put a lot of stain on the unit as your bending the plate. I use one and it's a easy way to go.
  9. Why not rebuild the one you have?
  10. Grumman square stern I have a Grumman 19 foot square stern with sponsons and 3hp Johnson motor for $875.00. Pm with number if interested and I will send pictures.
  11. I think it legal to the bridge.