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  1. Milt soup would compliment the entry.
  2. Bleed out the fish. Report back on how it tastes.
  3. I feel bad for both of you, hopefully patience will pay off.
  4. Imagine launching and having baracades put in place when you return to the launch.
  5. He won’t waste you time if it’s not right conditions.
  6. Captain Jon went 3 for 9 on the Tarpon last night.
  7. Are you doing a night charter with Jon for Tarpon? I did and reeled four or five per trip. Had to let him reel one in after I was spent. Nothing like reeling a 150-175 Tarpon on a spinning reel on a musky rod.
  8. That's great Bill ! Jons a riot, and also a awesome guide.
  9. Say hi to capt. Jon for me. Mike
  10. How do they compare to a 175 pound Tarpon?
  11. Here's a number of a Capt. I fish with Jon Costanzo (508)954-9420. Located in Islamorada, Backcountry and Tarpon.
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