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  1. Sounds like a circus,
  2. It's open
  3. I think what happens is that the judges could care less in the city. Bigger fish to fry. So it trickles down to the officers thinking they are just wasting there time down there.
  4. Go to Cayuga
  5. I saw a nice looking center console on rt 21 just north of Canandaigua I think it has a outboard looks good at 45 mph. It's at a boat storage place. 15000
  6. I like how people always include taking my child fishing. It may be true sometimes or they are chumming for a spot burner that thinks they are doing good.
  7. I was having luck 3 weeks ago with the incoming tide for blues on the North Fork.
  8. Nice, what state was it caught in?
  9. Paying with PayPal guarentees the seller payment. A check in the mail is a check in the mail sometimes.
  10. Splakes have that shape.
  11. No photos they don't turn out well with the tarpon in the water next to the boat. We had one that almost jumped in the boat.
  12. Just got back from Islomorada. Went 7 for 14 on the Tarpon. All 150 to 170 plus on light spinning gear. Reel Attack charters Master Capt. Jon Costanzo (508)954-9420 put us on perfect drifts every time. Put this on your bucket list.