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  1. New boat.

    I don't see how a plate when idling around trolling puts more strain on the lower unit, then having the boat wide open with no plate. I can understand that if the plate is down and you open it up, it would put a lot of stain on the unit as your bending the plate. I use one and it's a easy way to go.
  2. Why not rebuild the one you have?
  3. Grumman square stern I have a Grumman 19 foot square stern with sponsons and 3hp Johnson motor for $875.00. Pm with number if interested and I will send pictures.
  4. I think it legal to the bridge.
  5. Sportsman ? Not so much

  6. Owasco Big laker today

    Holding a big fish with a bogo grip causes internal bleeding. Look it up if you don't believe it. They swim away and die.
  7. Small Outboard Throttle Cable, Lube or Replace?

    I would buy a cable luber that Motorcycle shops sell. It's a device that clamps onto the bare cable and seals against the housing, then you insert the red plastic tube from the spay can and spay lube. If that doesn't work then you have the tool so you can lube the new cable before you install.
  8. Grumman 19 square back I have a green 19 foot Grumman square back with 3hp Johnson seahorse. 1100
  9. Ice ice baby!

    Sounds like a circus,