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  1. I will take lot #3 if it is available
  2. Great Job i hope i can get out there and get a few.
  3. I think they got a few majors in around 275.I had some smaller ones 200 to 225.
  4. I just waxed my avenger today and i wiped the sides down with spray nine it also does a good job cleaning the hull before i waxed.I want my friend Les to be proud when he goes out with me.
  5. Dave i have a 23.6 hardtop it is a inboard i think they called it a pocket drive the model is avenger it is a nice b oat i have owned it for around fourteen yrs.When is a good time to go to dunkirk for the eye,s
  6. I trailer the boat Dave.but i only live two blocks from the launch on the north end of Seneca.I went to sodus today had two small kings and a brown lake was a pain so i did not fish where i wanted to.
  7. You may be right Les,i let you know tomorrow night.
  8. I would be intrested in the spin doctors in lot # 1let me know if they are still available.
  9. Are the gambler rigs available? If so i would be interested
  10. Mixed Bag Went over to Keuka this morning with my friend Pete on the Paula 3 and had a good morning of fishing with a mixed bag of smallies perch,and some huge rock bass.Iam reserveing the perch for tomorrow nite,s supper.
  11. I was watching a show on you tube on slider,s and this charter capt was saying he uses 4ft leader for a slider i thought that this is quite short i like to run them about 8ft.
  12. Usaually around october or if i see the guy,s fishing for them its tough because iam a bow hunter also.Do you fish the eye,s on erie?
  13. Yes Dave i love to fish perch not now but when the season roll.s around i get out there.
  14. Dave lot # 1 signalman,let me know.
  15. OK Dave i will give it a try the next time i,am out.
  16. Dave i.am mj calabrese 97 genesee st geneva ny. 315-789-3482
  17. Are the spoon,s sold dave? If not i would be intrested.
  18. I have a pair of tite locks in good shape 50.00 plus shipping.315=789=3482
  19. Those stingers use to work well on lakers and bow,s on seneca but now nothing does.
  20. signalman mjcalabrese 97 genesee st geneva ny 14456
  21. Dave i would take lot #2 if you still have them thanks mike 315=789=3482
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