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  1. Hank just installed one on my boat this past Spring, works perfect. Everyone that I spoke with recommended him for his service and I would agree 100%.
  2. Is there any open bait shops in Honeoye/Hemlock/Conesus area? I wasn’t sure Ted’s in Conesus was open. Looking for minnows... Thanks
  3. Great bucks...got mine back a short while ago
  4. From the attached order form, I take it they do not do a breakfast sausage? I have never gone there, only Constanza’s. Thanks
  5. Got it done this morning...11 points...congrats to all the great bucks taken
  6. Hunted this morning in a stand with a ton of acorns and had deer in and around all morning. A little after 8 I was watching a group of does in some thick stuff and spotted a good 3-1/2 eight point in the same area just standing there. I saw an opening that he was facing and put a range on it, 37 yards. I thought if he comes behind it I would have a 40 yard shot. He did exactly that, perfect shot behind the shoulder but just under his body, clean miss. He had no idea what happened and walked away. When I went to get my arrow, I ranged to my stand, 47 yards. I had no idea how much the slope was and he ended up being farther than I thought. So I should sleep fine tonight replaying that ....
  7. Kell Laboratories has all replacement parts, I have had to order misc parts from them.
  8. Just to follow up on this, thanks to Bruce at Hooked Up, I brought my riggers to Screwy Louie's in Fairhaven and Brendan there took care of both and they are running like new. I wanted anyone that may need work down the road to know Thanks
  9. Anyone know of any local in and around Rochester that work on Scotty downriggers? Thanks
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