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  1. tlombardozzi

    Ibay 5/5/18 Shakedown

    He hit a stick bait in 12 fow
  2. tlombardozzi

    Ibay 5/5/18 Shakedown

    Yeah I hear that all the
  3. tlombardozzi

    Ibay 5/5/18 Shakedown

    It’s a 2007 Sea Boss
  4. tlombardozzi

    Ibay 5/5/18 Shakedown

    Not many people who would join me on that
  5. tlombardozzi

    Ibay 5/5/18 Shakedown

    Green water pretty much everywhere, some mud lines right tight to the shore and around creek and bay mouths
  6. First shakedown on my ‘new to me’ boat. Trolled from the bay to down past Hedges, 10-15 fow. Sticks off the boards and Chinook divers with spoons took all of our fish, bright colors. Easily over 20 bites, all Browns with one being an absolute tank and got a 5.3# walleye to cap it off. Beautiful morning to start our season. Good luck to all.... Tomy
  7. tlombardozzi

    Arrow choice?

    I shoot 400’s, not sure what you are referring to on the other questions. I have not had any issues with my inserts.
  8. tlombardozzi

    Arrow choice?

    I have been using Easton Full Metal Jackets for years, no issues with bending. I have shot multiple deer with them and have been able to clean them off and use them again, even on deer that have took the arrow with them. Very good arrow, not cheap though, although not much is in our sport.....
  9. tlombardozzi

    Niagara Fishing Show - Trout & Salmon Seminars

    Is there a Flea Market on Sunday like previous years?
  10. Heading to Saskatchewan in late May for a Spring bear hunt, the guide there says spoons work well for northerns there. Has anyone been fishing that area or in Northern Canada and have any recommendations on spoons to use? Spoon make, size and color recommendations would be appreciated. Thanks
  11. tlombardozzi

    Good day on Conesus!

    Thanks guys
  12. tlombardozzi

    Good day on Conesus!

    How much ice is down there currently?