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  1. It drops off quickly there where closer to the bay it gradually drops off so you have to go out further
  2. Running edge of the weed lines or out in deeper water?
  3. One of the best videos I have seen, amazing footage. Thanks for sharing.
  4. Hank just installed one on my boat this past Spring, works perfect. Everyone that I spoke with recommended him for his service and I would agree 100%.
  5. Is there any open bait shops in Honeoye/Hemlock/Conesus area? I wasn’t sure Ted’s in Conesus was open. Looking for minnows... Thanks
  6. Great bucks...got mine back a short while ago
  7. From the attached order form, I take it they do not do a breakfast sausage? I have never gone there, only Constanza’s. Thanks
  8. Got it done this morning...11 points...congrats to all the great bucks taken
  9. Hunted this morning in a stand with a ton of acorns and had deer in and around all morning. A little after 8 I was watching a group of does in some thick stuff and spotted a good 3-1/2 eight point in the same area just standing there. I saw an opening that he was facing and put a range on it, 37 yards. I thought if he comes behind it I would have a 40 yard shot. He did exactly that, perfect shot behind the shoulder but just under his body, clean miss. He had no idea what happened and walked away. When I went to get my arrow, I ranged to my stand, 47 yards. I had no idea how much the slope was and he ended up being farther than I thought. So I should sleep fine tonight replaying that ....
  10. Kell Laboratories has all replacement parts, I have had to order misc parts from them.
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