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  1. That is what I do.
  2. My brother killed this 10 last night, another guy from work killed another 10 as well last night. Looks like the switch has officially been turned on
  3. Last year fishing with buddy Matt French I landed a beautiful 13.5# hen Atlantic and we immediately agreed that the fish was worth getting mounted. Exactly a week later I was fishing with my good buddy Eric and landed an even better Atlantic, 14.5# male. I decided what the hell and got them mounted together. I do not regret the decision.
  4. 45-50' Sent from my XT1080 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  5. Went out of Rochester this morning on a charter for a belated birthday for my father. We went out with buddy Matt French on the Misdemeanor. We had a great early bite that shut down mid-morning and then picked back up as we were trolling in. Best water was 140-225 fow. Riggers did all the work with it being all a spoon bite for us. Riggers parked at 88', 77' & 57'. Ended 14 for 21, 8 kings, 4 steelies and 2 Lakers. Lots of short strikes this morning, fish on for short battles then GONE. Absolutely beautiful morning with great times and laughs. Looking forward to the next trip.
  6. Thanks for the report Anthony
  7. Started out in 80 fow worked out to 250+, no real pattern today other than dipseys would not go, riggers 58'& 72'down with cheaters,along with 3 & 10 cores worked, all spoon bite. Various colors in Wonderbread, Frostbite, Geezer, mixed veggies and steelie Dan. Temp was pretty steady at 58° surface and 48-45° down 72'. We fished through and between scum lines. Ended 10 for 11, 1 Laker, 1 steelie, and 8 kings with mostly skippies and a few 4-5#. Beautiful morning on the water. Tomy
  8. Irondequoit Bay, Rochester Sent from my XT1080 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  9. On the water at 5:30 AM, off by 10:30, worked water from 90 out to 200 fow. 7 core, sliders and diver took shots, KOS and orange crush were the best. Ended 6 for 6, 3 Lakers, 2 Skippy and 1 16.4# king. Great screen entire morning but slow bite for us. Beautiful morning on the water. Tomy
  10. I know in talking with you over the last several weeks as you were working through the process and how much he was helping you the whole time, I will say he definitely went above and beyond. Now, let's go fishing!
  11. My bad, I thought something was different but it didn't register to me that it was one, correction, 1 Atlantic, 5 browns...
  12. Fished from 6-11:30 AM, worked 10-15 fow, warmest water we could find was 44°, gin clear pretty much the whole stretch other than a section that was slightly stained. We didn't have our riggers so just ran two long lines and two inline with stickbaits. Silver/black and firetiger took all but one which was on blue/silver. Finished 6 for 8, all browns, mostly cookie cutters other than one which was maybe 8-9#. All in all, beautiful morning and so glad to finally get out. Tomy
  13. I wondered if I bought the gimbal mount and secured it with a thru bolt in the pedestal if that would work
  14. So I just picked up a Big Jon Mast, my brother has a Lund with a pedestal seat mount but I don't see any adapters to mount the mast to the pedestal. Seems like they stopped making them. I see how others noted above had used spacers and secured the main post thru the pedestal but how do you do that with the welded 4x4 base on the mast post? Did you cut the base plate off? I need to utilize the pedestal mount as he doesn't want to mount it directly to the floor.