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  1. Filled my buck tag this morning, congrats to everyone who scored
  2. Happy Halloween, got it done this morning on a mature 7. Good luck to all and congrats to those who have scored.
  3. Helped my brother recover this buck last night
  4. Hunted this morning, I had a small buck come in first light and then just before 8 I saw a mature buck come off the ridge in front of me. I had him at 30 yards with the bow drawn 3 different times but could not get a good shot. He moved into a small field and pushed a group of does into another wood lot. Saw another 2-1/2 7 point push some does around with the occasional doe feeding through the area. Back at it tonight.
  5. Heading down with the family to Myrtle Beach the last week in August. Anyone been fishing down there and have any recommendations on a charter? I'm fine doing an inshore trip. Any recommendations would be appreciated. Thank you in advance
  6. It has been a tough bite for me over the last couple weeks even when the water conditions looked good for Browns.
  7. Fished from Ibay down to Hedges and back this morning with 3 hits to show for it in what looked like perfect water...not good.
  8. So I picked up my euro from my opening day buck this week, guy said that it was the oldest deer he has ever done, had it aged at 7-1/2 years plus. In looking at the teeth, they were so ground down and some had hollow pockets from breaking down. Unreal. Most likely the deer was on a downward side of size from his prior years. I have never killed one that old, all my larger deer have been at 3-1/2 years. Thought it was worth sharing. Congrats on all the great deer being taken.
  9. I knew I was going to catch crap from someone about the crocs, lol. Yeah same area Bruce.
  10. It all came together this morning. Congrats on everyone who has scored
  11. Southpointe is allowing non-members to use for a $30 charge.....
  12. It drops off quickly there where closer to the bay it gradually drops off so you have to go out further
  13. Running edge of the weed lines or out in deeper water?
  14. One of the best videos I have seen, amazing footage. Thanks for sharing.
  15. Hank just installed one on my boat this past Spring, works perfect. Everyone that I spoke with recommended him for his service and I would agree 100%.
  16. Is there any open bait shops in Honeoye/Hemlock/Conesus area? I wasn’t sure Ted’s in Conesus was open. Looking for minnows... Thanks
  17. Great bucks...got mine back a short while ago
  18. From the attached order form, I take it they do not do a breakfast sausage? I have never gone there, only Constanza’s. Thanks
  19. Got it done this morning...11 points...congrats to all the great bucks taken
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