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  1. Flew into Saskatoon and guide picked us up and drove 6 hours North to Brambant Lake where the camp was.
  2. I had rings mounted on it so I can put it on my wall...two little girls and a lab at home...don’t want to take any chances!
  3. Just picked up my bear from this past Spring this morning...pictures do not do it justice...came out amazing
  4. Looks like I will be the only one, but, I have a Thompson Center Encore 50 cal with a Leupold VX-II 4x12 on it. I shoot the Hornady 250 grain SST bullets with 150 grains of Triple 7 Pyrodex (Triple 7 primer). I have had this set up for now 15 years with having taken many whitetail and one elk. Very reliable and accurate gun. I have not hunted regular season with a shotgun for the time that I have owned this gun but then again, I always sit.
  5. It's all in what you are confident in running I think, I have spoons that go out every time and when I ran that spoon, if it didn't go in a short time frame, I pulled it and swapped it out for what I was more confident in. I'll try and give it more time this upcoming season. The great thing about last season was the colors I ran went pretty consistently so I wasn't having to keep swapping my spoons out.
  6. What conditions has it worked for you guys? I have heard that it has been a stud color but have not had the same success with it. Cloudy, early morning?
  7. Been seeing a ton of does with some small bucks since opening day...figured I would fill my freezer this morning so took her out at 20 yards...didn’t make a step...congrats to all that have scored...some amazing deer
  8. First hunts of the season today...one doe this morning and a mix of small bucks and does this afternoon ...went in this afternoon at 12:30 and they were already moving ....saw a huge coyote at last light but no shot...back at it in the morning
  9. I had sent a PM Please let me know Thanks
  10. I have my boat at the same marina but on the other dock. I will be looking into locks for my downriggers going forward. Sorry to hear about that...people suck.
  11. The boat I bought last fall came with these on it but since I installed a fishing arch I have no use for them. A pair of Big Jon Quad Rod Trees with quick connect bases which can be mounted to your boat to take on and off. In excellent condition. These list for brand new around $300/piece but asking $500 for the pair OBO. Located in Rochester, NY, would prefer to have them picked up or could meet somewhere close if need be. Please IM for any questions, etc. Tomy
  12. Question, I need to change out the coated downrigger cable on one of my Scotty riggers. I have a Depth Raider system on the boat. Does anyone have a video for proper installation? Thanks
  13. No, but if I felt ‘threatened’ I could have shot one. Over there, you can legally only trap them. I had no shot, some of the thickest woods I’ve seen
  14. It’s one of the more reasonable hunts but like anything there is a range of different cost options depending where you go
  15. Last week I was lucky enough to hunt with an outfitter in northern Saskatchewan on Brabant Lake for spring black bear (Bear Down Outfitters). The first night on the stand I saw two bears and harvested the first one being a good size boar (approx. 250 lbs) at 14 yards with the bow. The bear went about 50 yards before crashing into the woods. It got interesting as I waited on my guide when I heard a twig snap and spotted a large wolf coming downwind and caught the scent of my bear. Luckily, the guide showed up 10 minutes later and we recovered by bear but the wolf had already dragged my bear about 40 yards and ate a portion of his hind leg. Any longer and I would not have been able to salvage my bear. Wolves were everywhere with tracks and sign at almost every spot we saw. The rest of the week I fished for northern pike on the lake, the fishing was unlike anything I have ever experienced. Easily boated close to 200 fish over the course of the week, the last day I caught 69 alone. The country out there was untouched and it was an incredible adventure. One of my bucket list items I always wanted to do. Tomy
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