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  1. I read an article from Bloodrun that describes how to modify the Offshore inline planers so that they run more perpendicular to the boat. Has anyone done this? Any videos that may show how to do this? I run these on my mono lines right now for browns as we don't have a mast and they run on a 45 degree angle of the back corners of the boat which I know is not very effective. Any help would be appreciated Thanks
  2. I confess, Steve is the man, I thought it was good to help others, I will learn to keep my mouth shut, lol
  3. We picked up an hour too late yesterday and the lake went from flat calm to the ocean in no time, crazy. I should have listened to my wind app! Good job
  4. If I want to run a slide diver now in tight (20 fow and less) do I want real long leads?
  5. Went out with my brother yesterday morning, we fished from 6 AM to Noon, we ended up going 14 for 19, 8 small coho and 6 browns ranging from 3-8 lbs. All stickbaits for us in a variety of colors both brights like firetiger to blue/silver. 13-15 fow, found some nice green water at 47 degrees. Beautiful morning until the wind kicked up. First day out and ended up with our best morning to date. It felt so good to be back at it! Tomy
  6. I bought ff last year and it feels like fishing with rope but it does great with fleas, I didn't realize 30# would work too, thanks
  7. So 30# big game can be used in lieu of flea flicker?
  8. Matt- Are you able to use the 20# w/ fluro leader when the fleas get bad?
  9. Hope to be out this weekend for a shakedown. I will report if I do!
  10. I hope to have the same experience with my daughter one day, great job!
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