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  1. I just realized that I have all of my flies rigged upside down! Great video, thanks for posting
  2. Great job on the kings, we worked similar water but could not do anything but lakers
  3. Went out with buddy Eric again in the Scout along with my brother. We did the same as yesterday, set up in 90 FOW and worked that out to 200 FOW. The water in closer was better but not as good screens as yesterday with bait and hooks. After the first release being a Skippy, all other fish were Lakers. We had everything take shots. We ended at 10:30 going 10 for 15. Colors that worked: Wonder bread Carmel Dolphin Green Paddle with fly Mountain Dew F/F What a beautiful morning, the only thing missing were the Kings for us. Good luck Tomy
  4. Nice job on the kings, we worked the same area but only came up with skippies
  5. Definitely some good action for the first couple hours, temps were good so we figured why move out
  6. Headed out of the bay this morning with my buddy Eric and set up in 100 FOW. Didn't get the first rod in and got a porky brown on the rigger down 80' with Wonderbread. That set up remained hot until 8:30. We were getting hits in close so we didn't bother moving out. 108-120 FOW was the best for us this morning, not much to mark outside of that. Ended going 10 for 12. 2 browns, 3 kings and 5 lakers. Colors that worked: Wonderbread spoon MJ spoon Mountain Dew SD/FF 42nd SD/FF Good luck to everybody fishing the rest of the weekend Tomy
  7. Dan were you working same water in closer prior to moving out? Trying to figure out how deep to set up in the AM
  8. Great fish! Was it a spoon bite or did you take any hits on F/F?
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