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  1. Great detailed report as always Chris, great job. Nice to hear someone did well, we got humbled this weekend for sure. Tomy
  2. Thanks for the report, glad it wasn't just me this morning. But you're right, hard to complain about fishing on such a beautiful day.
  3. Went out this morning with my buddy Eric (ERupprecht) and my brother. We set up in 75 FOW and headed North. We had tons of bait with the occasional hook in 100-120 FOW. We fished from tother out to 270 FOW without moving a rod with changing out colors every so often. Finally on the South troll coming back to 160 FOW we got a nice laker around 8 AM. We fished with nothing until 10:30 and the action seemed to pick up, we would boat 4 kings in the next hour and lost a real nice one near the boat. We ended the day going 5 For 7. Sets that caught fish: Silver Streak MJ down 60 Carbon 14 down 95 SSW SD & fly Beautiful morning to fish. Might go out tomorrow AM. Tomy
  4. I have Offshore planers, I thought they could pull a 3 to a 7 lead core, can they not?
  5. R&R makes a great spoon as well
  6. I wrote my response prior to seeing your response
  7. How do you rig it with the rubber band?
  8. Pinch pad in front, coastlock swivel in back to slide on the line when the board pulls off the pinch pad release. How does that work on the lead core? I am having a hard time picturing it
  9. I am trying to figure out how the planer board hooks to the backing without sliding down the core
  10. How do you run your core on the inline boards? I have Offshores and would like to run lead core on them next year Thanks
  11. Went out this morning with my good buddy Eric (ERupprecht) and his daughter trying to get her some fish. We fished from 5:30 to 9:30 out just East of the bay. We started in 70 FOW and worked out to 170 FOW, the 140-170 FOW was the best, we went 6 for 7 with one laker, 3 kings and 2 steelheads. We had a few hits with nobody home. If we stayed out we probably would have done some more as we were still getting hits when we were picking up, we had plans that we needed to leave for. Lake was gorgeous, could not ask for better conditions for Father's Day! We got a couple fish for Eric's daughter so we were pumped! Lures that caught fish: DW Glow Frog @ 48' down Red Frog on slide diver Carmel Dolphin @ 33' down (this took most of the fish) Red 00 dodger with peanut fly Happy Father's Day to all the great dads out there! Tomy
  12. I'm always first....no one can seem to beat me to the rods!
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