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  1. Great report Chris. Hope you figure out the issue, sounds frustrating
  2. Thanks for the report even on a bad night. Seems the evening bite this year had not produced much for us, maybe just a bad night.
  3. Thanks for the report. That does not look easy doing everything yourself!
  4. Great report Dan, you guys have been pretty consistent. Nice fish.
  5. Yeah, I-Bay last week had some as well. Not terrible but it will be.
  6. My father got a 19# laker Friday that I couldn't get over the size of it. I couldn't imagine the size of those two!
  7. WTG Dan, that's awesome. Can't wait until my daughter is old enough to bring out there.
  8. 23# king this morning out of I-Bay. Best fight I have ever experienced and first screamer, ran out to 555! Can't wait until the next one! Tomy
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