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  1. Anyone fish out of Ft. Lauderdale and found a good fishing charter? Thanks! Tomy
  2. I didn't think anyone kept tigers for the reason that they are a sport fish and did not naturally reproduce so keeping them would hurt the numbers
  3. We always release any tigers caught, we will keep a couple northern to eat and release the rest
  4. We went 3 times last year without a flag, year prior was much better
  5. I haven't seen any posts, looking to go for some northerns, anyone been doing well? Thanks Tomy
  6. We were looking to visit vendor booths for new spoon and SD colors, probably be more on Sunday?
  7. Is Sunday the only day where you can visit vendor tables and buy new products?
  8. Beautiful birds, I really want to get a red or canvas to get mounted. Nice job
  9. One year I was putting out decoys in water close to my chest and when I turned to head back to shore a rouge wave hit me from behind and anyone that knows, when you get out in the water deep enough in waders, you feel some buoyancy in your legs, well, that wave caught me off balance and I couldn't keep my legs under me and went down chest first. It was late season we very cold temperatures and I think everyone on the lake heard my scream from the cold! Lucky I was not alone and close enough to home to run home and change so I could get back. Point is, you never know what can happen out there and cold temperatures and water are things to respect so you can come home after each outing. Tomy
  10. White Mountain Dew Crush SD with Crinkle Glow Fly, white green dot did not do well this year
  11. I agree, great to hear everyone else and what they were seeing. I felt like there was a ton of does each time and a lot of small bucks. Really the only shooter I saw was what I got with the bow. Very unusual for where I hunt not to see 4-5 at least. Bought the new No Can from Matthews last weekend, very pumped for next season to break it in!
  12. Finger Lakes Tackle does custom spoons
  13. Since I started bow hunting 20 years ago, I went from Creekside, to Genesee Valley, to a place between East Bloomfield and Canandaigua using a bow tech of the name of Wayne Merit. Last I heard he was at a shop in Batavia that I believe has now closed. Does anyone know Wayne and where he is working now? The guy is awesome and I would like to still work with him. Thanks Tomy
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