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  1. What is the advantage to a 100 copper that runs that deep compared to 4-5 core that runs the same depth?
  2. Went out with my brother and good buddy, we fished water from 70' to 120'. We struggled today going 5 for 6, 3 kings and 2 steelies. Spoon bite, 2 face, NK gator and mix veggies. 7 & 3 cores and rigger at 55'down. A thanks goes out to all service men and veterans that have served for us to enjoy our freedom in our country. Happy Memorial Day Tomy
  3. Went out at 6 AM, fished water 50-70 fow, stained water, did well first thing and then it slowed until we got one just before we pulled lines at 10:30. Ended 4 for 6, all kings, KOS on 7 core, Lazer Spook on riggers 30-40' down. Dropped one on mix veggie and mullato. I have never fought fish like I have in the last 3 weeks, these fish put on some battles. Will be back Monday. Thanks Tomy
  4. Gorgeous morning to fish, we worked water from 50-70 fow, ran riggers, planer boards with leadcore and slide divers, all took shots from 20-40' down. We did a personal best of 10 for 14, all kings. Awesome weight class of fish with the best pushing 18#. All spoons- Mullato, Frog, Green Dolphin, and Gator. We had a blast, thanks to all that post reports and help out, it really helps guys like us take advantage when we can only get out one day on the weekend. Thanks again Tomy
  5. No, went out last Saturday morning and had a couple other brown trout outings.
  6. Headed out with buddy Eric and went past the pier at 6 AM, trolled until 8:30 before taking our first shot that turned into a double both riggers. Landed one and lost the other, 14# king. We took one small brown on a slide diver and then took another 14# king off a 7 core down the chute. 90-100 fow worked, hardly ever marked a fish, we didn't even mark when we did take hits. Wonderbread, 42nd, KOS and green dolphin spoons. Pulled lines at 11, ended 3 for 4. Tomy
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