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  1. That was awesome! I forgot about the laker shot to the 'almonds' lol. Thanks again Chris, had a great time.
  2. Thank you Chris for the great time on the water and for the kind words. I really appreciated the opportunity to fish with you, you have constantly been a great resource for me to learn from and get better. I hope we can do it again in the future and I hope that some day I can repay the favor. Thanks again Tomy
  3. Does it state anything about survival rate? We release all our fish, it was really strong and healthy so it appeared the condition is not hurting it but it was still weird to see
  4. 6/13/15 Fished 100-300 fow, slow morning for us, ran a mix of riggers, 3&5 core, slide diver and dodger/peanut fly. KOS, wonderbread, red frog and 00 dodger with fly took hits. Finished 4 for 5, Skippy kings and steelheads, biggest 5#. We wanted to go deeper but fog moved in, worst we have ever fished in, took 1.5 hours to get back in, very sketchy. 6/14/15 Better bite for us, fished same water, 100-300 fow, 180-275 fow best, riggers with wonderbread and black/green spoons, slide diver with red frog and 00 dodger with peanut fly all worked. Finished 8 for 10, with 4 kings (nicest 2 were 12# and 15#) and 4 steelies (nicest 6#). The 12# king had both of its gills worn down, exposing its gills, I think I read about this being caused by a deficiency in the water, has anyone else seen this? Thanks Tomy
  5. Awesome video. It's like we always say, 'I wonder how many fish come in for a look or follow for a while and we never knew' Thanks for sharing
  6. Got an opportunity to fish with Matt French on the Misdemeanor this morning. We fished water from 85 fow to 120. We ended up fishing 4 hours and went 14 for 19, 11 kings, 2 Lakers and 1 steelie. Wonderbread, Diehard, Gator and NBK were top producers. Riggers, wire dipsey, and slide divers all took shots 20'-50' down. I want to thank Matt again for the great opportunity to fish and learn with him and his father. I cannot express enough gratitude for the kindness that was shown. Great person. Thanks again Matt Tomy
  7. What is the advantage to a 100 copper that runs that deep compared to 4-5 core that runs the same depth?
  8. Went out with my brother and good buddy, we fished water from 70' to 120'. We struggled today going 5 for 6, 3 kings and 2 steelies. Spoon bite, 2 face, NK gator and mix veggies. 7 & 3 cores and rigger at 55'down. A thanks goes out to all service men and veterans that have served for us to enjoy our freedom in our country. Happy Memorial Day Tomy
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