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  1. Great bucks...got mine back a short while ago
  2. From the attached order form, I take it they do not do a breakfast sausage? I have never gone there, only Constanza’s. Thanks
  3. Got it done this morning...11 points...congrats to all the great bucks taken
  4. Hunted this morning in a stand with a ton of acorns and had deer in and around all morning. A little after 8 I was watching a group of does in some thick stuff and spotted a good 3-1/2 eight point in the same area just standing there. I saw an opening that he was facing and put a range on it, 37 yards. I thought if he comes behind it I would have a 40 yard shot. He did exactly that, perfect shot behind the shoulder but just under his body, clean miss. He had no idea what happened and walked away. When I went to get my arrow, I ranged to my stand, 47 yards. I had no idea how much the slope was and he ended up being farther than I thought. So I should sleep fine tonight replaying that ....
  5. Kell Laboratories has all replacement parts, I have had to order misc parts from them.
  6. Just to follow up on this, thanks to Bruce at Hooked Up, I brought my riggers to Screwy Louie's in Fairhaven and Brendan there took care of both and they are running like new. I wanted anyone that may need work down the road to know Thanks
  7. Anyone know of any local in and around Rochester that work on Scotty downriggers? Thanks
  8. I was out Sunday morning and it was a bit of a grind for us, a lot of short hits, we went 5 for 12 for the morning. We fished the same water and the same depth down as you mentioned. I always check speed and temperature, my best speed with my Depth Raider is anywhere from 2.1 to 2.4 downspeed depending on the day. Temperature was up a bit this weekend but I tried to keep my spread is the high 40 to low 50 degree water. I ran only 4 rods, sometimes I feel less is more, 2 riggers, 2 wire divers, all spoons. I try to always visualize what my spread is looking like down below and ensure that I have decent separation between my wire divers and riggers that are on the same side to make sure that my diver is not affecting my rigger. For example, if my one rigger is at 58' down, I know if I put my wire out 240' on a 2.5 setting that the lure is somewhere around 70' down, so there is about 10-12' of separation. Same goes on the other side but I may put one rigger up higher and keep my wire down below. If conditions are good on the lake, I will put my boards out and put some lead core out to cover the upper 30' of water knowing that steelhead are around. Or, I will put cheaters on my rigger rods to accomplish the same. My leads on my riggers were much closer (20-30'). I wouldn't get discouraged, keep playing with your setup as the morning goes along, if what you are doing is not getting the strikes, start playing with your leads, change up your speed, etc. until you start getting some strikes. The great thing about this fishery is you keep learning and there are a lot of seasoned guys that are willing to help. Hope this helps Tomy
  9. Does anyone have a picture of how they rig a clip to your net handle to keep the bag from being pushed out in front when netting a fish? I can't get any pictures when searching for some reason. Thanks in advance Tomy
  10. Make sure if you purchase the coated cable that you follow the instructions on terminating it properly so that you get the proper signal to your Depth Raider unit.
  11. I have the Depth Raider on my boat and agree that it reads slower than the Fish Hawk, on my boat I feel that it is about 0.3 slower than it would read on the Fish Hawk. I like a 2.1-2.2 on the Depth Raider which I feel is more closer to 2.4 on the Fish Hawk. Lately though, it seems like kings have wanted it faster and I have been running more towards a 2.3-2.4 speed and have been getting them to chew.
  12. I have the same set up and I tilt the boom up to get to my release. It works better for me and avoids the issue with damage of the cable.
  13. He does everything that I have done, great guy. He just got done on my bear a couple months ago.
  14. Couple years ago I was lucky to get a nice hen, 13.5#, on a slide diver/spoon fishing with buddy Matt French. Fish was such a beautiful trophy that I decided to get it mounted. The very next weekend while fishing with my other buddy Eric, caught a male, 14.5#, on a 7 core down the chute on a spoon and decided to get a mount done on the pair.
  15. I purchased the aluminum traxstech for my boat last year and they are mint to use. Not cheap but pay for the equipment once and you don't have to worry about the issues listed above down the road which ends up costing you just as much in the long run. IMO.
  16. Thanks. No way I could have got a shot into it anyway, unbelievably thick where I was hunting.
  17. Heading down in late February for Winter Break, anyone been down and have fished with any charters that they would recommend? I would just like to have some names as a starting point. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks in advance! Tomy
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