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  1. Irondequoit Bay, Rochester Sent from my XT1080 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  2. On the water at 5:30 AM, off by 10:30, worked water from 90 out to 200 fow. 7 core, sliders and diver took shots, KOS and orange crush were the best. Ended 6 for 6, 3 Lakers, 2 Skippy and 1 16.4# king. Great screen entire morning but slow bite for us. Beautiful morning on the water. Tomy
  3. I know in talking with you over the last several weeks as you were working through the process and how much he was helping you the whole time, I will say he definitely went above and beyond. Now, let's go fishing!
  4. My bad, I thought something was different but it didn't register to me that it was one, correction, 1 Atlantic, 5 browns...
  5. Fished from 6-11:30 AM, worked 10-15 fow, warmest water we could find was 44°, gin clear pretty much the whole stretch other than a section that was slightly stained. We didn't have our riggers so just ran two long lines and two inline with stickbaits. Silver/black and firetiger took all but one which was on blue/silver. Finished 6 for 8, all browns, mostly cookie cutters other than one which was maybe 8-9#. All in all, beautiful morning and so glad to finally get out. Tomy
  6. I wondered if I bought the gimbal mount and secured it with a thru bolt in the pedestal if that would work
  7. So I just picked up a Big Jon Mast, my brother has a Lund with a pedestal seat mount but I don't see any adapters to mount the mast to the pedestal. Seems like they stopped making them. I see how others noted above had used spacers and secured the main post thru the pedestal but how do you do that with the welded 4x4 base on the mast post? Did you cut the base plate off? I need to utilize the pedestal mount as he doesn't want to mount it directly to the floor.
  8. First morning I have hunted and not seen a deer, jumped a small doe walking out, not thinking second rut will kick in by next weekend, deer are definitely moving at night
  9. Got this 8 point this morning, not the biggest buck I have seen but with the new addition to the family, my opportunities to hunt have been limited. Broke a 22 year curse of never killing on Thanksgiving. Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Tomy
  10. Good luck Chris, hate to see you selling it, great boat
  11. I use standard Rage heads, devastating entry hole and damage in the cavity. The only thing I do not like is I have only had only one pass thru where I always had them with fixed heads with my same set up. As a result, by the arrow staying in, the damage is tremendous. I continue to use them.
  12. Hunter's Landing in Batavia, Wayne Merit is the head bowtech there, known him for 20+ years. He has sold me a couple Matthews bows, he is as knowledgeable as they come. I will not bring my bow anywhere else. Tomy
  13. Very cool to adjust spread so that the kids would have a great time
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