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  1. WTG Chris! We could hear you guys loud and clear out there! Awesome job as always, thanks for all the help. Tomy
  2. Fished with Erupprecht this morning and my brother, we fished water from 100' out to 240' East of the bay. We went 5 for 8 with one skippy and 4 steelhead. I think we were at a severe disadvantage of not having lead core set-ups as we saw everyone doing very well. We fished 2 riggers, a slide diver, ran a dodger/peanut fly combo and tried one wire. It was pretty cool to see one Steelhead to come to the net with an Alewife stuck in his throat! Colors that caught fish DW Wonderbread DW SS 42nd DW Carmel Dolphin Stinger Blue Dolphin Red 00 dodger & peanut fly What a gorgeous morning to be out there even though we ourselves struggled. Can't wait until next weekend! Tomy
  3. Great, thanks again for the tips, really appreciate it. Tomy
  4. So the spring isn't required then? No issue with mono getting frayed by the arm? Thanks for the tip
  5. Complete mono no braid I ran out a long leader though, 80" so I wonder if I ran too far of a leader?
  6. So I ran my slide diver for the first time this morning and really liked them but I noticed when we hooked up that they did not do very well with sliding down the line. Anything I may need to change or tips to prevent this from happening? I rigged per the instructions and video, just wondering if there is something else I may need to do. As always, I appreciate any feedback Thanks Tomy
  7. Headed out with my brother and Erruprecht this morning at 5:30. We fished water from 100 FOW to 200 FOW. Seemed like our fish came around the 150' mark. We ran 2 riggers, one slide diver and a dodger with peanut fly. First part of the morning was a bit hectic but then slowed down for us. Looked like boats were West of us. We didn't kill them but ended up with 1 skippy, 1 11# king, 1 10# steelhead and another 3 3# steelhead. Had the king run right into my slide diver rig and caused me to lose my entire rig! After that it died off as that was producing for us. We went 4 for 6. Set-ups that took fish: DW Frog 48' down over 120 FOW DW Carmel Dolphin 60' down over 150 FOW Red 00 Dodger with peanut fly & dipsy - up high Slide diver with red/white spoon up high We know everyone was out fishing us but just couldn't get things to stay strong for us out there. Oh well, gorgeous morning to fish. Tomy
  8. I agree with Pike Hunter, read posts and get a feel for what is working ou there. I had a real slow year last year but I feel more confident and seem to be more consistent this year from all the help and tips I have received from everyone on this site. A lot of helpful people on this site.
  9. Went out with Erupprecht this morning, we set up in 70 FOW on the edge of the mudline and worked 70 FOW to 90 FOW from the bay down past Shipbuilders. We ended up with 4 kings, 2 skippy, 1 8#, and one nicer fish, maybe 16#. Riggers parked at 50 down with frog color spoons did 2, carmel dolphin at 46 down did the other 2. We were off the water by 10 Happy Memorial Day Tomy
  10. Sounds like we did pretty much the same as everyone. We worked water north of the mud line from 70 FOW to 90 FOW. We took 2 kings first thing on a glow frog parked on a 42 rigger. Then I put out a set that I have been wanting to try out, put a 00 red dodger with a blue/green/gold peanut fly behind a orange dipsy parked at 60 feet of line out. Immediately took a nice acrobatic steelhead. That set would take one more small steelhead. Thanks to a tip from Chris (momay4000), we put out a Carmel Dolphin and took one more king at 55 rigger. Ended the day with 3 kings and 2 steelhead. Beautiful morning to fish Tomy
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