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  1. "Smelly Jelly" is what we use, when we use scents. It's stays on spoons nicely. Just be sure to wipe off any residue before storing your lure, it will tarnish if left on. Ours is blue in color, I think it's the Herring scent. we don't always use it, but we figure it can't hurt (especially when the bite slows down).
  2. I'd say manuals are fine if you'll just be fishing a few times per year with them, or not fishing real deep...but once you get the bug...and you will if you're salmon fishing'll eventually want to upgrade to electrics and won't ever go back! At least that's how it was for me. There's nothing wrong with manuals---it's just more work / less efficient. You will appreciate the convenience of electric riggers more, after a season or two using manuals. If you're running riggers deep--you'll really appreciate not having to manually reel up those weights from 100+ft down 10-20+ times per trip... IMO the "auto-up" feature is a must in an electric rigger so you can reel while the rigger retrieves (so you're not stuck holding a switch instead of reeling). Electrics aren't cheap! But if $ is an issue, watch Craigslist or some For Sale forums, be patient, and you can get a good deal on a pair of used electrics. - I've used both types. - I upgraded to electrics years ago. - I'm never going back to manuals! Good luck!
  3. When my riggers got was actually my boat alternator failing... I had low battery voltage, you may want to chk that before sending riggers out for repair. Big J have motors on the outside so it may be an easy swap if you just bought the motors. This place repairs and sells parts.
  4. Nice info...thanks for posting.
  5. I usually run a free slider but it's always the smaller spoon. Good idea on the magnum. Would you run the magnum slider fixed above the main lure (i.e. attach w/rubber band), or as a free slider, which would in theory get to about 1/2 down the main line.
  6. did ya do on the water?
  7. The barge showed up Saturday afternoon just as we were getting off the water
  8. The extendable nets are nice-and they stow nicely too
  9. Last time I bought bulk spools, fishermans heaven had great price. Maybe worth checking them out
  10. I've had best luck with Black's releases. They go above the ball.
  11. If you're near Erie, Pa - Conneautville Canvas makes them- good quality and price. They are an Amish upholstery/boat cover shop.
  12. That is great! I love the Black's releases for my riggers, definitely gonna add like pictured to my planer lines. That will solve my problems! thanks!
  13. We have big boards and a mast but don't use very often since they are a pain to deploy. Should we just get better using these or are the small online boards better and easier? Also, our releases don't hold heavy drag gear (e.g. spin doctor), for those using big boards what is your preferred release? If we stick with the big boards, can add a rubber band to hold the line I suppose
  14. We recently added a copper line to our arsenal, first time using it we flatlined straight out the back and between the currents and our (wide) turns, we ended up with a jumbled mess with our dipsys... How do you run your copper lines? One on each side off big planer boards? What release do you use or how to attach to planer line (since a flasher would have some drag). I imagine you're attaching the backing (dacron?) to the release? Are small online boards preferred? Any advice on running copper is greatly appreciated.