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  1. markmonkey1

    Wanting to upgrade electronics

    Just some general advice here... Whatever you get, get the touchscreen version and the largest screen size you can fit and afford. Touchscreen especially if you're used to using a smartphone! I got the Lowrance HDS7 (love it!) but not the touchscreen, and I still instinctively try to touch the screen to work it, rather than the buttons. Hindsight....I should have got the touchscreen!
  2. markmonkey1

    Cannon electric rigger - slow retrieve?

    Update----it was just corrosion at the connection. Cleaned it, and now it's running much better! Glad it wasn't the motor about to go.
  3. markmonkey1

    Cannon electric rigger - slow retrieve?

    Will definitely check that out.
  4. One of our downriggers retrieves much slower than the other identical / same age rigger. Has this happened to anyone else? I need to check wire voltage between the 2 to confirm it's not a bad wire--- but if voltage is the same on both, is this the first sign of electric motor going bad? or is there a replaceable part on the motor (capacitor?) going bad? I haven't opened it up yet... Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  5. For a single flatline down the center of your spread, way far you like copper or lead-core? Why? I'm thinking the fleas may be less likely to grab onto the copper. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  6. markmonkey1


    I had a typo above. After the copper and SPRO heavy swivel, I use 75ft of mono with a coast lock swivel attached to it. I don't use a separate leader, since it's already mono. Here's the swivel to fit through the rod guides:
  7. markmonkey1


    For my copper, I use a small SPRO swivel (small enough to fit through rod eyelets) to connect the copper to mono, then I have 75ft of 25lb mono with a leader on the end to attach lures. copper-->haywire twist knot to swivel-->clinch knot from swivel to mono
  8. markmonkey1

    Ocean City MD Charter Recommendations????

    We are going the 3rd week in June, so hopefully that will be prime time! With the warm winter, maybe things will pick up sooner than normal. We'll have 4 teenagers onboard, so need to keep them busy! We'll be deep dropping in 350-500 fow (near canyon?) and yes...electrics for the deep drops. Capt said 3-15# tilefish should be biting good, and hopefully a few 30-50# goldens and some jumbo sea bass. And I'm really hoping for that tuna bite! We've done many different ocean charters over the years, but never deep drop, and never tuna. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  9. markmonkey1

    Ocean City MD Charter Recommendations????

    Thanks for the info. I'm not really interested in a head boat, Restless Lady (recommended by several) was booked full in June, FinRazr limited to 4 people for offshore trips (we have 6). So, I booked with Capt Dan of Fin Chaser. I spoke with him and was comfortable with what he had to say. My wife and I prefer trolling for the larger fighting fish (and we've never fished for tuna), but we don't want the kids to get bored. So, we opted for DEEP DROP BOTTOM FISHING (60 miles out) to hopefully have good consistent action for the kids and relatively larger fish, and plan to (hopefully) squeeze in some tuna/dolphin trolling at some point if they are thought to be in the area and biting. Capt will be tuna trolling the prior couple of trips so he should have some good info on them... Here...fishy, fishy, fishy! **I know the captain and mate do most of the leg work on this kind of trip, but if anyone is experienced with this type of fishing, any advice to improve our success is appreciated! Just like perching on Lake Erie, right?! [emoji3] Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  10. markmonkey1

    Ocean City MD Charter Recommendations????

    Thanks for those leads---I'll check them out. Anyone ever charter with Fin Chaser, Capt Dan? Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  11. Ocean City MD Charter Recommendations???? Off topic, but...I'm looking for a good, and reasonably priced fishing charter in OC, MD for this June. I've never chartered out of Ocean City. We're looking for offshore or inshore ocean fishing (not bay fishing). Any recommendations appreciated!
  12. "Smelly Jelly" is what we use, when we use scents. It's stays on spoons nicely. Just be sure to wipe off any residue before storing your lure, it will tarnish if left on. Ours is blue in color, I think it's the Herring scent. we don't always use it, but we figure it can't hurt (especially when the bite slows down).
  13. I'd say manuals are fine if you'll just be fishing a few times per year with them, or not fishing real deep...but once you get the bug...and you will if you're salmon fishing'll eventually want to upgrade to electrics and won't ever go back! At least that's how it was for me. There's nothing wrong with manuals---it's just more work / less efficient. You will appreciate the convenience of electric riggers more, after a season or two using manuals. If you're running riggers deep--you'll really appreciate not having to manually reel up those weights from 100+ft down 10-20+ times per trip... IMO the "auto-up" feature is a must in an electric rigger so you can reel while the rigger retrieves (so you're not stuck holding a switch instead of reeling). Electrics aren't cheap! But if $ is an issue, watch Craigslist or some For Sale forums, be patient, and you can get a good deal on a pair of used electrics. - I've used both types. - I upgraded to electrics years ago. - I'm never going back to manuals! Good luck!
  14. markmonkey1

    Big Jon down rigger repair

    When my riggers got was actually my boat alternator failing... I had low battery voltage, you may want to chk that before sending riggers out for repair. Big J have motors on the outside so it may be an easy swap if you just bought the motors. This place repairs and sells parts.
  15. markmonkey1

    10 Very Useful Fishing Knots

    Nice info...thanks for posting.