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  1. Where do you live, the riggers are in geneva ny
  2. There are tons of them just go down by the dock,s at the ramada and watch for a while,you will see what i,am talking about.
  3. I have two lake systems downriggers for sale for part,s they do not work very well but are all there.$130.00
  4. I have two cannon or sale one a mag 10a and the other a mag 10 i believe both work good the short stop does not work on one of them but does on the other. 300.00.Include,s black release,s and base,s
  5. How about posting some picture,s,also is it a electric start?
  6. What a beauty,definitely one for the wall.
  7. Thanks for the tip i,am going to make a couple of them this morning and hopefully enjoy fishing again.
  8. Hey Guy,s what,s all this stuff your chatting about, sound,s like the joke on me.
  9. Thank you for all the interesting post,s it look,s like you are having a hell of a time.
  10. Can you include two big weenie fly,s with the package ,they look a lot better than the other,s ?
  11. Glad to hear you had a good time with your grandson on board he will be the next generation of fisherman. Last week a friend took me and another out and we went 15 for 18 on king,s with a slob  laker to boot  don,t know if you caught that one but what a day that was.

  12. Are the fly,s still for sale?
  13. Got out a little late but set up in about 140 and had action on a dipsey,spin doctor and fly trolled north along the pack and picked up another,same set up in the course of the day we went 6 for 9 on king,s with some nice fish being taken,all the king,s were very nice clean fish and large.also brought a nice steelhead to the net to be set free along with all the other,s.A nice day of fishing.
  14. I think the proper way is 15hp electric start,long shaft as in 15hp els. I have the manual it came with.the motor weigh,s 76lbs.
  15. The motor is a tiller steer with electric start 20in shaft.
  16. i have a 2001 15hp lses in good shape for 1200$,it is a mercury,runs good no problem with it the only reason i would consider selling is to put a 4stroke on the boat for a kicker.
  17. I have 4 new in the package magnum,s for six apiece plus shipping.

  18. Went out friday with a crew and went i5 for 18 on king,s with a bonus slob laker,130 to 140ft of water down 60 to 90.The bite came off of rigger,s with stinger,s doing most of the work.We were east of sodus.
  19. Went out of Sodus this morning had two fish in about 100ft of water both king,s not very big but fun to catch,one came on a green and gold nkmag with silver back and the other came on a moonshine green glow ladder back.Ton,s of bait around 100 to 125 east of the channel.
  20. I was around in the 80,s when that was the go to lure on ontario and i have a collection of 200 of them.
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