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  1. I think i will quit eating laker,s on seneca because i don/t think there are any more.
  2. I have a minn kota 42 in 55lb thrust for sale new inbox never used $150.00 Also have a pair of tite lock rod holders in good working shape $40.00 shipping and i also have a motor guide 35lb thrust 28in shaft $35.00 located in geneva.
  3. I was wondering what depth of water were you seeing all these dead fish and where were you finding them?
  4. Congratulations on a beautiful buck.
  5. Congrats to you and your daughter on a wonderfull hunt.
  6. Dont Bother. Just kidding but trout fishing has been very tough for the last three yrs.
  7. Great Job Congratulations on a beautiful limit of fish.
  8. To get a pass go to city hall and bring a current registration for your boat trailer,residents are free after oct 31 its free to all.
  9. Would you take 185.00 for the spoons?
  10. There is a firm in east rochester that designed it i forgot there name,but holy smokes what a mess.It should be voted worst ramp in new york state.
  11. I also heard that the state is going to take over the whole thing so it will most likely be the same as the state park.
  12. The price of the fish hawk is one thing wait until you start donating probes to lake o that will get your attention
  13. Iam intrested in the moonshine lures if you still have any for sale.315=789-3482
  14. It sounds like the perch wars they use to have on seneca been there done that
  15. That is good information gambler i own two of them and have already replace one board on one and themare about 4yrs old.
  16. Nice going and thank,s for the information i will give it a try asap
  17. I will take lot #2 i live in geneva,let me know when we can meet.315-789-3482 mike
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