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  1. Brighter colors but really anything with just a little color. It doesn’t have to be neon or anything... My bread and butter spoon is a black wiggle. You can catch anything that swims on that spoon. Meat may work but I wouldn’t bother if your goal is to catch steelhead. Speed somewhat matters. Anywhere from 2.4-3.0 for me. Temp doesn’t matter much as they stay in the upper 30% of the water column. Fish deeper water for them. 200fow or more. Fish anywhere from 30 to 75 down for steelhead.
  2. I can give you the exact spoons. Standard size black wiggle stinger and standard size blue dolphin. Speed on top was 2.6 below was 2.4.
  3. All was quiet on the radio with everyone gearing up for the Pro Am this weekend. I’m sure they were all bummed to find temp down well over 120. Decided to screw the Kings and just run some steelhead lines. From 200-250 fow down 45-85 you can smash steelhead all day long. We had hit after hit. Probably 15-20 hits within an hour. A lot of fun having a 30 inch steelhead jumping a few feet out of the water!
  4. Shakedown trip. First rigger down at 645. First strike at 710 54 down on a black wiggle standard size spoon. Next bite came 80 down on a flasher/fly combo at 745. Went 2 for 2 off the water by 8 because I had somewhere to be. Temp was down 55. Overall a fun on and off the water day.
  5. I’ll take them! I’ll send you a pm with my number
  6. Jto97

    Sold / Closed Bayliner 1802 Trophy

    Check your pm’s
  7. Lot of around 45 ripplin red fins. Most are missing paint. Will need new hooks. Make an offer! I will ship!
  8. Anyone want vintage dodgers? Found them in an old shed. Pretty bad shape. Paint chips and some surface rust in a few. Make an offer. I will ship!
  9. Do you know the power of the okuma rods?
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