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  1. https://www.longpoint.on.ca/forum/index.php?threads/27-foot-grady-white-islander-for-sale.80123/ Saw this on another site. Just a bit over your budget. Boat is priced in Canadian funds so the sticker shock is not quite as bad as it appears.
  2. Pete - I know nothing about you but from your post I’d hire you to manage my woodlot in a heartbeat. For the the rest of you - Pete is managing this land for timber with hunting an afterthought. The contract stipulations are in place to grow quality high grade sawlogs. I’m sure his clients reap maximum potential return on their tree harvests.
  3. I’m pretty sure The price on that boat is typo and I’m pretty sure it’s been sold. I put an offer on that boat considerably higher then the price listed here which was refused.
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