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    Love watching my daughter compete in sports, fish, tow kids on wakeboards and surf boards. Good friends
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  1. Tim Thomas is fishing out of Sodus I believe. My Way Charters could put you in touch with him I bet.
  2. Find Tim Thomas. I think he is the one that sets up the NY Classic Fishing Derby? Maybe that is the name. He has advertised of doing the very thing you mention
  3. What a nice ride. Wish I had a way.
  4. The lanes out of Henderson are starting to show the fish
  5. Somedays I have gone to 2 rods. Keeping things quiet seems to work at times
  6. I have a large lumber mill in town that ships all over New England. I made the mistake and didn't build last fall. So I am doing it now. Talking to the owner of the mill, prices will neve be back to normal. Everything is elevated and it will be the "new normal". Well that's my two cents. It was only worth .5 cents a year ago. I still would like a 255
  7. Things dreams are made of
  8. I have not been out. My understanding is clear cold water. One thing for sure, you cannot catch any from the couch. Good luck and work the s and figure 8 patterns. Also hearing green has been producing.
  9. they strong enough for dipsy? I have a small boat. Been thinking trees, but feel they would not look good
  10. yes they are dark fish, but nothing like short leads and shallow strikes
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