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  1. I had this problem last year, although I think mine was a bit worse. Monroe County took 35 gallons of water soaked gasoline from me at their ecopark as they collect old paint, varnish, etc. They were VERY clear about not accepting a 55 gallon drum.
  2. Will you take payments? Asking for a friend.
  3. They are. Let me know when you’re available. Thanks
  4. Still available. Track not included.
  5. Ratchet up, thumb screw left and right.
  6. I have (6) Berts ratcheting rod holders. VGC, all function like they should. I am going in a different direction. $400 for all, pickup in 14546. Do not want to separate.
  7. I have 2-7 & 10 on board in the spring. Depends on how shallow you fish and how deep the fish are.
  8. Post a video when you have two kings on at once. That’ll be a winner. [emoji1531]
  9. I use RTIC on my boat. Call it the coffin. Very good for the price. I have a 20 for most trips and the truck, and a 65 for tournament days or when guys want to make a meat run. Very hard to beat for the money, IMO. Splash some bleach in it and your wife will never smell anything.
  10. Anyone else get an Atlantic Flyway Mallard Harvest Management Survey?
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