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  1. Had a great evening sit last night in 8H. Caught this guy trying to check out the ladies night in the field. They’re just not worth it.
  2. Boy cooked up a heart tonight. Not bad. I think I’ll watch over his ingredients a bit closer next time. A bit stiff on the red wine vinegar...
  3. Oldest boy wanted to save the heart. Anyone have a recipe they’d recommend as I’ve never cooked it myself.
  4. If anyone is having trouble getting ahold of deer search, let me know. Training a few dogs of my own.
  5. Not much to show for this morning, but enough for fajitas.
  6. Quick crick hunt this morning.
  7. Hunted the creek both days. Nothin but woodies. Took one son sat and the other today. Perfect days to be in the field.
  8. Good luck to the western zone tomorrow.
  9. Nice mallard mount. I had mine done similarly.
  10. Thanks for the tips. I did all of them and now the bars flash at startup like they should when searching, but then only one bar flashes quickly after with no red light. Wtf. Of course they want my renewal right now too.
  11. Has anyone had a SPYPOINT stop taking and sending photos? Tried new batteries, SD card, format a new SD and the thing still won’t start up correctly. You can pm me if you want. Thanks.
  12. I went to one on Canandaigua Lake. It was the most patriotic event that I’ve been to in a long time. Nobody stole anything, started any fights, fires or riots. In addition, I saw no disrespect for our country’s flag. Yes, the wake was bad.
  13. Lost this one in Livingston county a couple weeks ago
  14. Got this one back a couple of months ago but didn’t get it hung in his final spot till now. Waiting on snow goose to come back next.
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