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  1. I use RTIC on my boat. Call it the coffin. Very good for the price. I have a 20 for most trips and the truck, and a 65 for tournament days or when guys want to make a meat run. Very hard to beat for the money, IMO. Splash some bleach in it and your wife will never smell anything.
  2. Anyone else get an Atlantic Flyway Mallard Harvest Management Survey?
  3. Looking to buy aluminum or galvanized 4,200 lb trailer. Preferably roller. Not looking for a project. Let me know if you have something you’d like to sell. Thanks.
  4. These two bird limits make for some quick morning hunts.
  5. Wait till tomorrow. “Late season”
  6. Had a great evening sit last night in 8H. Caught this guy trying to check out the ladies night in the field. They’re just not worth it.
  7. Boy cooked up a heart tonight. Not bad. I think I’ll watch over his ingredients a bit closer next time. A bit stiff on the red wine vinegar...
  8. Oldest boy wanted to save the heart. Anyone have a recipe they’d recommend as I’ve never cooked it myself.
  9. If anyone is having trouble getting ahold of deer search, let me know. Training a few dogs of my own.
  10. Not much to show for this morning, but enough for fajitas.
  11. Hunted the creek both days. Nothin but woodies. Took one son sat and the other today. Perfect days to be in the field.
  12. Good luck to the western zone tomorrow.
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