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  1. Churchville fire equipment can service it for you or replace if necessary.
  2. I had this problem last year, although I think mine was a bit worse. Monroe County took 35 gallons of water soaked gasoline from me at their ecopark as they collect old paint, varnish, etc. They were VERY clear about not accepting a 55 gallon drum.
  3. They are. Let me know when you’re available. Thanks
  4. Still available. Track not included.
  5. Ratchet up, thumb screw left and right.
  6. I have (6) Berts ratcheting rod holders. VGC, all function like they should. I am going in a different direction. $400 for all, pickup in 14546. Do not want to separate.
  7. I have 2-7 & 10 on board in the spring. Depends on how shallow you fish and how deep the fish are.
  8. Post a video when you have two kings on at once. That’ll be a winner. [emoji1531]
  9. I use RTIC on my boat. Call it the coffin. Very good for the price. I have a 20 for most trips and the truck, and a 65 for tournament days or when guys want to make a meat run. Very hard to beat for the money, IMO. Splash some bleach in it and your wife will never smell anything.
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