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  1. 12 for 16. Bloodbath on the small boat program. Diver rods were the hotrod. All caught on a dusty p rig.
  2. I have a friend visiting the first week of August and was wondering if anyone had or knew of a house for rent in that area? He requested on the water. If not, any suggestions on where to look? Thanks in advance.
  3. Sorry to hijack, but any suggestions on what to replace it with?
  4. Looks like a lake caught steelhead. We aren’t supposed to talk about those.
  5. My kids aren’t snake wrestlers, but they love their time in the outdoors.
  6. We aren’t supposed to talk about catching steelhead in the lake.
  7. That’s funny, I had a beagle named Stella
  8. Southern zone bow season was 54 days this year. Shotgun season was 22 days.
  9. Frogger said it’s a woody. I’m good with that.
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