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  1. All have Diawa strike sk rods. [email protected] 8’ and [email protected] 8 1/2’. Came with boat and I’m not using anymore. All function like they should. $60 each or take the set for $200. Located in Caledonia/Scottsville. Not interested in shipping.
  2. No boats for us. Just the fur missile.
  3. Late season has been slow up until this front moved through. Gonna really pour it on this week.
  4. Youth hunt yesterday in 8H. David put a perfect shot on this doe and she didn’t go 20. Practice pays off. On a side note, if you teach a kid to field dress their first one, try to make it in the daylight. We all know how much more difficult a flashlight job can be.
  5. Had a blast yesterday. Bennie was a blast to watch. David could’ve maybe shot a bit better, but he wasn’t letting it discourage him and stuck it out. We all have those days sometimes. Deer hunt in the afternoon.
  6. I’ve had very good luck talking to our local town clerk about things like that. They sometimes have more knowledge than some of the over the counter people and definitely care a bit more. Small town stuff.
  7. Had two great mornings for the youth hunt this weekend. Couldn’t be happier with both of their performances.
  8. How old is it? Sounds like a points/condenser issue. I’ve got the same engine circa 1988 and have found all aftermarket ignition products to be inferior in size and quality. Watch the cap and rotor for correct contact and file/burnish your points for a square contact.
  9. X3 on no snubber. Rod and leader with a proper drag setting.
  10. Churchville fire equipment can service it for you or replace if necessary.
  11. I had this problem last year, although I think mine was a bit worse. Monroe County took 35 gallons of water soaked gasoline from me at their ecopark as they collect old paint, varnish, etc. They were VERY clear about not accepting a 55 gallon drum.
  12. They are. Let me know when you’re available. Thanks
  13. Still available. Track not included.
  14. Ratchet up, thumb screw left and right.
  15. I have (6) Berts ratcheting rod holders. VGC, all function like they should. I am going in a different direction. $400 for all, pickup in 14546. Do not want to separate.
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