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  1. We had fleas, but they were easily removed. Not nearly as much of a nuisance as the cottonwood.
  2. Setup at 80 and by 90 it was game on. Fished from 90-140 fow and caught fish 40-80 down. Went 18-25 with king and steelhead. Nothing seemed to be much better than anything else, if it was wet it caught fish. Riggers parked at 60 and 70, chinooks from 105-255, with a 300 and 200 batting cleanup.
  3. 12 for 16. Bloodbath on the small boat program. Diver rods were the hotrod. All caught on a dusty p rig.
  4. Or a location or an accurate size.
  5. I have a friend visiting the first week of August and was wondering if anyone had or knew of a house for rent in that area? He requested on the water. If not, any suggestions on where to look? Thanks in advance.
  6. Sorry to hijack, but any suggestions on what to replace it with?
  7. Looks like a lake caught steelhead. We aren’t supposed to talk about those.
  8. My kids aren’t snake wrestlers, but they love their time in the outdoors.
  9. We aren’t supposed to talk about catching steelhead in the lake.
  10. That’s funny, I had a beagle named Stella
  11. Southern zone bow season was 54 days this year. Shotgun season was 22 days.
  12. Frogger said it’s a woody. I’m good with that.
  13. Thanks. No, I did not. We were both on the ground. But I did hunt him out of it. Never connected. Had an eye out all year.
  14. First impression is black duck, to me. Be interesting to see what an official might think. Or how to handle it. I’ve gotten some that were crossed, but not quite like that. Have you harvested any before?
  15. If one was ever stopped by the law, what species would that fall under for your limit?
  16. Finally got it done on the last Saturday of gun season. It’s been a long year and next week will be nice to just relax.
  17. They’re getting pretty good at sewing up camo clothing...
  18. I had one lock up on me a few years ago. Took it apart and repaired it myself. They aren’t too bad to service yourself if you pay attention to detail.
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