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  1. I should’ve ended with a smile as I saw all of it too and was amused by the signs vs. the activities.
  2. Don’t let that bother you. Deer love the cover and browse that is the result of logging. Deer are also not afraid of skidders or chainsaws.
  3. Unfortunately reality and common sense are two terms not often used in government operations.
  4. Don’t forget about tackle, riggers, weights, coolers, ice etc. Not to mention that a flat tire when you have three left is much more comforting than when half of your tires go down
  5. Same problem with mine. New boot, switch and drain hole and everything seems good. Someone else had used the rtv trick before as well. Water got in but couldn’t get out
  6. Switch issue. There will be a small amount of connectivity in the stop position. Replace and you’ll be all set
  7. Didn’t seem to bother the above guys
  8. Sent from my iPad using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  9. Seller must have moved as he hasn’t responded to pm or phone message in over two weeks
  10. ^ What he said, plus your rigger cables
  11. I have two of them. They work great. One 9 and one 10 on each side
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