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  1. This is still for sale. Do not want to separate. Again, I'm not on here often. email me: sleightc at y a hooo.
  2. I have 2 big Jon downriggers. I believe these are the captain's pack as they have the swivel bases with the ball cradles and rod holders. One has the coated cable for the sub troll which is included as well. The coated cable probably could stand to be replaced, occasionally I get some wonky readings but I've always been able to use it fine. The antenna also needs to be replaced ($35 on ebay I believe) as it got broken during the unmounting process. The captain's pack riggers would be $1100 each on their own. Asking $1300 for the whole package. Prefer email contact since I'm not on here all the time. sleightc a t y-a h-o o
  3. PhlyanPan

    for sale : usa SOLD

    This is still for sale. Hoping with spring coming maybe she'll pique some interest.
  4. PhlyanPan

    for sale : usa SOLD

    Still here. Price lowered.
  5. PhlyanPan

    for sale : usa SOLD

    Price lowered
  6. PhlyanPan

    for sale : usa SOLD

    Asking $13,000
  7. PhlyanPan

    for sale : usa SOLD

  8. Yeah we had a rough go. If you find someone else with a fishhawk and a GPS they can give you down speed vs ground speed for your trolling direction.
  9. Yeah it's a desert. We picked up one more same depths black and green spoon with an eye.
  10. Anybody got any tips. We've only had one teen and one skipper. 80 down over 160 on a blue dolphin spoon. Can't buy another bite.
  11. The guys I spoke to at the launch said they were getting their hits on small stinger spoons if that helps. It seemed like everyone was struggling a bit yesterday. One guy said they had over 20 hits on Saturday and only 2 or 3 on Sunday. The only thing I probably would do differently was to try circling on some of our good screens or when we got hits. We had large runs where the screen looked blank but the temps were good. In a similar situation last year we started doing figure 8 maneuvers over an area where we got a couple of hits and were able to steadily get hook ups all morning by doing that.
  12. Went out about 5:15 and headed slightly east out of the creek. Set up in 110 feet on an east troll. Temp was a little higher than I would have hoped so we angled outward for deeper water. Screens and down temp were a mix, there was no real pattern to it that I could find. Ended up getting 3 kings in the 20-22 lb range and a skipper rainbow. We took fish mostly between 130 and 150 feet of water. The only rig that fired regularly was meat behind a white uv spin doctor on the wire diver at 180 out. Others at the launch said they were all hitting spoons and had no luck on meat so I don't know what the difference was. We did have 4 fish come unbuttoned on the way in and 3 break offs (1 was due to crossing up on the wire). So time to respool some line and resharpen some hooks I think. We moved our riggers all over the place depending on temps but didn't seem to matter. We took a hit or two down 85 and I think we took one at 60 as well. No real pattern that we could figure out but we had a few fights and put a couple of fish in the box so not a terrible way to spend a morning.
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