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  1. What’s interesting guys is back in 1999 I purchased a 196 Superfisherman for $18900 out the door ...sold it in 2003 to my buddy for $14500...which we both thought was fair...then two years later I purchased a used 2004 196 Fishmaster from a private owner that had less than 50 hours...150 Mercury 4-stroke...4 big Jon riggers..no kicker but boat was set-up...we agreed to $15500...on the invoice that boat was bought new for $21500...I felt I got a great deal and the seller thought it was fair...I was laid off for two and a half years starting in 2008 and had a guy stop me at the boat launch and offered me $18500 for my Fishmaster...At the time I was surprised that someone would pay me that much for a 6 year old boat...so I was led to believe that no one ever makes money on a boat ...so I sold it ....I finally got back to work in 2011 and in 2013 purchased a Crestliner Sportfish SST 2150 for around 50 k...ouch...but I love fishing and it’s an expensive hobby...so long story longer...this 2000 Fishmaster is a fantastic boat and if it’s as nice as the owner says it is then who are we to tell him it’s overpriced....NADA is just a guide...supply and demand will sway the price a lot...what’s disgusting is how the Fishmaster ...which hasn’t changed much over the last 19 years cost upwards of 60k now...so $15500 doesn’t seem to bad if your trying to get a nice rig that is ready to fish...if he gets $15500 for it...good for him..someone will buy it and most likely feel like they got a nice rig for a fair price...if he doesn’t get what he wants then maybe he will let it go for what he feels is fair....maybe it’s the way he answered the offer that is getting people riled up but by the looks of it that boat is in great shape....good luck on the sale and guys I really think if you were selling it you may have a different opinion...btw I don’t know this guy from Adam..I just have a lot of history the last 20 years of looking for and buying 20 ft aluminum boats..
  2. Hi Im interested in those trees...im local as I work in buffalo...$550 is fair can you call me (Marc) 716-867-6581
  3. Interested in rod holders....don't need 10 but if it's a package deal I would take them all...thinking $525 for all...I live in Newfane and work in Tonawanda...pm me if your willing to take that..can pick up this weekend
  4. Thanks Gill-T.......never crossed my mind to add another swivel....not sure about the quality of the large swivels that come on the flashers....Will be ordering some asap
  5. Cabezon...I have some Shimano Triton SHX reels that are heavy duty from the late 1980s that I use only in July-Sept for Kings....great leverage and can load on 25lb big game line...Fleas come and go but I check the line frequently....I did a little investigation when I got home yesterday and noticed the line on the reel that caused me to break off on a good fish was in fact twisted badly...I was running spin doctor & fly on that rod with about a 15 foot lead and that rod fired at least 10 times before I broke off...I remember when resetting the line that the line on several occasions was wrapping around the tip of the rod ..I would straighten it out then lower it back down into the hot zone....the release I use is a scottys 18" release that is attached to the downrigger ball...Thinking now that the spinning action of the flasher was twisting more than the swivels on the flasher could keep up with .....causing the line to twist badly...hence knotting up on the reel ....so lesson learned...
  6. olcott...Sunday morning Left launch at 6:30 am...was gonna get a look at the wave heights from the road and didn't see any white caps so took a chance and glad we did..bumpy ride out though but made it to 450 ft and set up...kept it simple..2 riggers...one parked at 90 with two face sd with ss stud fly..other froggie glow dw parked at 75...2 wire dipsey both with white double crush sd paddles and white glow atomic Flys. ...into cluster of shakers right away...lowered both to 105 and quickly caught a teen...our best depth was 475 feet dead north of Olcott...didn't realize that we were almost in Canadian water...looked at GPS and wow ..we were at the fence..we never got to 500 ft because we were too far west..needed to go southeast to find 500...circled back to marks we caught fish earlier and bam ...into a nice mix of steelhead and kings...all at 475 ft..3 steelhead....7 salmon...all on spin doctors and flys....not a single spoon bite...Largest was 15 lbs. ..Super fat but most didn't put up much of a fight...normally not the case...I usually don't get a lot of chances on the rod unless my guest aren't paying attention but was making a rigger adjustment and when I started lowering the rigger it fired...screaming drag and I'm thinking...sweet...wrong...25 lb test was looped around itself on the spool and I was able to loosen the first knot....then the fish decided to make a run...looked down at the spool and there it was again....looped...felt the rod almost rip out of my hands and could only hang on as the line went limp and there goes the sd & fly toronto bound....you know the feeling....lesson learned from this...you can spend time installing new drags on all your gear but that's useless if you leave 25 lb mono on your reels for 3 years.....never gave the drag a chance to perform....other than that the two guys that went with me did a great job on the rods & net and lake ontario gave us a great day...
  7. Also planning to go out early Sunday. ...hoping for 2 s or less ...wave forecast changed for the better since yesterday . ..will check the lake at daybreak and hope for the best...would be a bumpy ride out to 500 ft in my 22 foot crestliner...nice thing is if their wrong...again...15 minutes gets me back home...I feel bad for the out of towners that roll the dice based on an inaccurate wave forecast. ...
  8. There is a set of 12 libees on craigslist today...buffalo craigslist under sporting...20 bucks located in olcott
  9. Also went towards Somerset....4-4...3 kings & 1 steelhead ...all from 200-210 is ..70 down...nk spoon back 50...16# king on dipsey ..225 back...two faced sd with tournament stud fly....didn't mark a lot of bait or fish past 90 feet but had fun....
  10. Both sg47lc with mono are sold pending payment....Both convector 55 sold pending payment...will still take names on items if purchasers fall through. ..thks
  11. I bought 2 last spring....hands down the riggers are easy to use and the jigging feature will turn a slow day into a ok day....Super fast and there is no flex on the gunnels with the soft stop feature...Traxstech should be at lotsa show...ordered a custom made board...2 riggers...and 6 rod holders at the show last year and he brought them to the hamburg show for me....cash and carry and gave me a good discount ...oh yeah ..no tax..live in Newfane so if anyone is interested in checking them out ...pm me...they are pricey but you'll be glad you spent the money on these riggers
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