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  1. Let me know if it doesn’t work out
  2. We all know what it costs to fish
  3. ^ What he said. Very few resident bird sightings
  4. Do us all a favor and get a new alternator. You'll be much safer and nobody will have to rescue you
  5. Maybe even a little better today
  6. We've had real good luck with spot application of roundup max on the rose. Problem is when it's dead, you have dead, yet still sharp, rose.
  7. Does this have a transducer with it?
  8. Does anyone use a particular channel for the derby?
  9. I guess so. Never thought they would move so fast. Guess I'm sleeping on the boat. See you guys Friday
  10. Does anyone know about the campsites? I have a slip for the weekend and was told all were booked. Seems odd.
  11. 21 25 35 36 41 These were the ones I thought were ok for my 22 footer. 35 is taken though... Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  12. X3 Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
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