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  1. Looking for a center console boat in the 20’-22’ length. Like to stay under 20k. 2 or 4 stroke motor. I’ve been through Craigslist so I’m looking for something other than what’s there. Let me now what you have or have seen at the local marinas. Thanks! pm if you’d like
  2. Rollmops, Fished with Kevin last year. You should have a blast! Remember there are no cod in the GOM as you real them in
  3. Pic 1. Michigan stinger spoons $36 + $8 shipping pic 2. Michigan stinger spoons $42+ $8 shipping pic 3. Coyote, gander, silver streak, pro king, moonshine $ 27+ $8 shipping all lots $100 + $12 shipping 1. 2. 3.
  4. Spoons sold pending payment
  5. I will take lot three...let me know how to pay.

    You can ship to:

    David Bean

    249 Potter Rd

    Hudson,Maine 04449

    My phone is 207-217-2345 if you want to call or email me at

    [email protected]

    1. Time Out

      Time Out

      K. PayPal friends and family 

      [email protected]

      i will ship as soon as payment is posted