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  1. Went to Kevin’s spot today
  2. Ice is here! Make offer want it gone
  3. Am I seeing the plans right? The international docks on the west side?
  4. Shappell ice shanty Dx 4000 (older model) Fishes 2-3 guys comfortably but have fished 4. One door needs the lower zipper and has a small burn mark. Had tape on it for years and never got bigger. I took it off so you could see in the pics. Two other tiny holes that I’ve never worried about. Shanty still has lots of life left in it. I built a conduit sled that slides like a dream through the deepest of snow and has even blown with me on clear ice. You can haul everything you need for the day plus more! Shanty sled measures 4’x9’ located in Marion, NY $300
  5. We can either have observers and increase the risk of corona virus infection from a person who we don’t know on the boat, or for this year it can be eliminated and we make the best of it. They said it’s only for this year because of the circumstances and the observer rule will be reinstated after this blows over. Why beat a dead horse. If it’s that big of a concern, don’t fish it. It’s an awesome tournament and has never had issues.
  6. Anyone know of a good charter near Boca Raton or even around the Glades? I’m heading down in a couple weeks and will be up for anything. Thanks
  7. I have a brand new never used Lowrance Elite Ti ice transducer and power cable. $60 shipped
  8. Looking for a center console boat in the 20’-22’ length. Like to stay under 20k. 2 or 4 stroke motor. I’ve been through Craigslist so I’m looking for something other than what’s there. Let me now what you have or have seen at the local marinas. Thanks! pm if you’d like
  9. Rollmops, Fished with Kevin last year. You should have a blast! Remember there are no cod in the GOM as you real them in
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