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  1. All great news. Thank you for keeping this long lasting tradition going.
  2. Watkins tackle sale Can some one let me know when the Watkins tackle sale is going to be this year? Thanks!
  3. Well said and good luck, to everyone.
  4. Tripleduece50 is in
  5. Myself (Jeremy Smith) and Chris Snyder have sent you paypal payments to lock in the last two spots for the Saturday afternnoon trip. Thanks, Jeremy
  6. For Sale : USA

    What length are these motors?
  7. Ok it's time to check in, we are one week out from derby time. Who's gonna be at Sampson and where. I'll be at sight 305, 307 same as last year. Keeping the boat on the trailer. I'm due for a money fish been a couple years, well at least would like to put the kids on the board! Like always feel free to stop in and shoot the breeze tell some fish stories of the big one that threw the hook! Jeremy
  8. I'm hearing the water level is low in Lamoka and Waneta lakes. Any one know if the canal is navigable? I would use my electric motor to get through it. Wanna get the kids out and catch some pickerel ! Jeremy
  9. Hey Nick count my good friends in "Rwoody" they have fished it last few years. I have spoke to Roy he's in this year as well. Jeremy
  10. I'm in for sure. Jeremy
  11. Anyone know if the motel launch in hammondsport is useable? I used it back around Christmas time but we had a lot of ice this year wondered if the docks were still there?
  12. I am glad to to hear all the positive info on the ipilot. I have one ordered should be here this week. I am also looking forward to the anchor function for jigging. Any one using there's for this? I plan on running the kicker and using the ipilot for steering as well. I had my boat out on Erie last spring trolling walleye and the kicker pushing with ipilot steering is a common sight for the western basin of Erie boats. Technology......What would we do these days with a row boat and an ol Seth Green rig....... Jeremy
  13. Hey Guys, I am looking possibly to rent a cottage for a week this summer on Seneca or preferrable Cayuga since my wife currently attends Ithaca College and has summer classes this year (closer drive to college). I would like the cottage to have a boat lift to get my boat out of the rough waves if there was bad weather not a deal breaker if it did not have one but would be nice. I also have kids so rock cliff access to the lake is not an option. Any one know someone or have a cottage that would or does rent for weeks at a time? I have looked on the VRBO site just thought sometimes word of mouth is better than random web sights. My family is respectful and would not trash the place no late night loud parties or such, you get the drift. We are just trying to take a summer week long vacation while the wife finishes her Masters at Ithaca college. Gotta stay home for vacation this year she is in a full time Masters Program that runs straight through summer. Me and my boys wanna fish and enjoy the lakes!! Any one got any leads they can PM me. Thanks, Jeremy
  14. The lakers I caught on Keuka last week 26th of Dec. had eggs in them so they all are not spawned out?