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  1. If he doesn't take it I've been looking for one..thanks [email protected]
  2. By Cicero i could meet u on the thruway if u like [email protected]
  3. Ok $25 each how many would u want [email protected]
  4. Where are you located I have a bunch of 10 pound fish shaped weights [email protected]
  5. I couldn't buy a bite Sunday. [emoji20] [email protected]
  6. Yes u can text if u like 315-530-0440 [email protected]
  7. Holy boats out in the trench today!!! Didn't see too many hookups...marking fish but no takers on my end...gotta love the guys that swerve through all the boats trying to get their zig zag pattern on. Inconsiderate scumbag in a maroon tracker right in front of me and about 4 other boats...I was the lucky guy who hooked his is wrong with these guys...beautiful day out there tho... [email protected]