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  1. Thanks guys for your help I took it to Rochester reel repair
  2. Does anyone know who can repair the drag on a daiwa 47lc reel. Other than the drag everything is ok.
  3. I didn't get to take Bob out this year due to an illness and learned yesterday that he has passed on. I will miss him as we had many years of fishing together, I rigged and he found the fish. Goodbye Bob Hartweck
  4. I just installed a Raymarine autopilot and I have air in the lines and am looking for someone who can bleed the system. My name is Wayne and my number is 2021542. Hopefully there is someone who can help me thanks.
  5. Motor is seized up, but would be good for parts as it is complete and only has top end motor damage. $50.00 will take it and is a pick up from my house only. I live in Chili. 585 202 1542 ask for Wayne
  6. Hi Wayne,

      I'm sorry I didn't get a chance to talk to you at the Genessee River launch that Sunday during the LOC Derby.  The guy I was with was in a bad mood and wanted to get out on the water right away.  How did you guys do?  We never got a hit on a rod.


  7. As seen in pic excellent condition. I am now running 15# balls and this rigger is rated for up to 12# therefore upgrading to a new rigger. I can ship for $235.00 or pick up from my house for $200.00
  8. As seen in pic 6 blacks releases an 2 cannon terminators. $40.00 includes shipping
  9. First time out this season went 9 out of 11 all brown trout, only 2 cookie cutters and the big one 10 to 12# male as seen in pic. I let him go along with 6 others. 5 of the fish were pretty marked from lamprey. 10 to 20 feet of water with a slow troll worked. Stinger spoons as seen in pic did the trick and a small maglip caught 3 of the big ones. I lost it on the bottom but included a pic of the size I used. It was a perch color. The 3 fish I kept were the lamprey bitten. Good start to set the year off. Good fishing to all but more importantly a safe one
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