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  1. Anyone have any insider information on when they'll raise the lake? kind of hoping with no snow they might start raising it a bit early I really want to quarantine myself in my boat, however I don't want to beat up my boat just to go
  2. thanks everyone, it was an awesome year now this year we need to add, her first king, and first bow buck
  3. thanks, it was an awesome year that's the first spike to make my heart race in thirty years haha
  4. My daughter is crazy about hunting and fishing, this past year was one she’ll never forget She came close during bow season, and was able to seal the deal with her gun And our aunt killed a nice bear that she helped track, Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  5. this show is a good time, we'll be there Gambler, looking forward to grabbing some of those worm harnesses
  6. you're looking in the wrong place then, 1,000's of videos telling exactly what they're doing pick something you want to improve on, search for that, it will come up
  7. thanks everyone ended up launching at the town park, great launch however the trip out to the lake was a little scary
  8. thanks lily i think i found it google maps calls it fuller park i think i wonder if the canal is deep enough for my boat
  9. hey guys wondering where's the best place to launch on Skeaneatles i see there's a state launch on the northern end was hoping to find something on the south end i'll be launching a 19' deep v aluminum
  10. 8" Dreamweaver spindoctor , we've caught lakers on every color in the box white with green dots, or white with black dots are my go to
  11. i've been fishing the finger lakes for 40 years, i'd trade every trout in there for walleye truth is everyone loves lakers, it boost there ego catching boxes of fish they refuse to eat
  12. it's listed on facebook signups start august 1st i believe its august 24th, you can double check with the link below https://www.facebook.com/The-Fairhaven-Challenge-1546959978756603/?ref=br_rs
  13. 30# didn't help us, we spent all weekend cleaning fleas by the end of sunday, i was ready to park the boat until fall
  14. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  15. 5/0 hooks are my favorite, the problem with store bought hooks, is the wire is to thick when your a hundred foot deep the thickness of the wire makes a huge difference on them thick jawbones you used to be able to buy them from hermit on here, not sure if he still sells them or not if you're ever near dryden NY i can give you a few to get you started
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