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  1. gonefishing71

    Wanted Starcraft superfisherman 196

    klrunning I didn't realize they quit making them in 04, thanks for the heads up Shakemsam thanks i seen it, looking for something newer i'm going to look at one in the morning, hoping its a good one
  2. I think I have the wife talked into letting me get a bigger boat, my Daughters have outgrown our 16footer I'm looking for a StarCraft superfisherman 196, I know these are few and far between if you have one your thinking of selling, or if you see one please let me know, looking for something 2002 or newer
  3. gonefishing71

    Cayuga ..Nice silvers on the jig 7/1/16

    bob, I was in a green crestiner, bait was all over, however we marked very few big fish I usually do better when the lake is rough, it's hard to stay on them, but they bite better for me I just had to work out a good process, I haven't had any luck in that area this year, normally we do very well there, next week we're going to launch at union springs try the other end
  4. gonefishing71

    Cayuga ..Nice silvers on the jig 7/1/16

    sounds like a fun day, and it's always good to avoid the skunk, we jigged from 6:00 to 1:00 Friday morning, from Meyers to AES only landed 3 lakers, small, small, small all 3 were 12"" but we had my buddies and my daughter and they had fun so it was a win
  5. gonefishing71

    A week on Otisco 5/20 - 5/26

    awesome detailed report, congrats sounds like a great week, and some good eating to come
  6. took a good buddy out sunday on otisco his stepdad had never fished on a lake before, only streams and the ocean what turned out a slow day jigging for walleye, turned out pretty exciteing for him, caught his first smallie, and it was a jumbo had a little extra excitement bringing it in, it was hit hard by a tiger, both sides were tore up pretty good,
  7. gonefishing71

    Cayuga 8/23

    great job buddy, sounds like a great day
  8. gonefishing71

    Cayuga Jigging. 8/22

    good job buddy, sounds like an epic day
  9. gonefishing71

    Otisco Lake Report 8-14 to 8-18

    Justin, great report, and great weekend fishing those kids will remember this forever
  10. gonefishing71

    Walleye 8/15

    that's a great stringer, congrats
  11. gonefishing71

    Cayuga 8/1 Jigging w/ Deepwater jigs

    http://cayugafisher.net/ he goes by Hermit on here, he's got what you want, and a great guy
  12. gonefishing71

    River eyes

    congrats kevin, that's some good eating
  13. gonefishing71

    Otisco topwater walleye 8-1

    no bait on the surface we could find, we did mark huge bait schools, deep 10 to 12 foot down over 20' we never caught a fish shallow, all the fish came deep, pulling jigs through and around bait schools
  14. gonefishing71

    Otisco topwater walleye 8-1

    hey Justin, it was nice to finally meet you last night, we fished until around 1:30, and not an eye to be seen bass were semi active for us we caught a couple decent fish, and one catfish that put up a hell of a fight, and really surprised me
  15. gonefishing71

    St Lawrence River Walleyes advice

    I was listening to the radio and heard a song about instant gratification, it made me thank about this post everybody wants instant success, however that's not how it works the big thing everyone seems to miss, from all the posts, is just how much time you guys put in, and just how much work you guys do to get over the hurdle, if someone has 20, 30, 40 posts showing fish, don't think about the fish, think, man that guy is putting in the work, he's out there 20,30,40 nights kevin and Justin and many others on this site, you guys give enough information, to take years and years off the learning curve, I know personally i'll never be able to repay Hermit for all he's taught me I just want to say thank you all for sharing so much,