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  1. i would guess a big brown, lakers seem to turn into lead, they go up, and they go straight down browns on the other hand, are like a 2 year old on a sugar buzz, sure beats working whatever it was
  2. we probably passed you out there, we launched at meyers trolled east side to stewart park back up the west side to taughannock, landed one 20" atlantic
  3. normally i would, we're trying a fresh spot in the morning it's 1hr away, i heard birds in there 2 weeks ago on a scouting run, and i'm getting to old to run on a couple hours sleep
  4. at our best farm before 5, birds were all across the road, left and went to the hills, walked over 4 miles never heard a bird back at it in the AM
  5. thanks ,i'm hopefull it's a long season and she's a trooper it will be fun
  6. My uncle was a turkey hunting nut, when he passed I got his old Ithaca SKB 12 g My daughter will be using it Saturday He taught me call turkeys over 30 years ago, one way or the other it’s going to be a memorable weekend Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  7. I'll be out with my daughter, redemption time she'll be leaving her 20 home, and taking her new 12 out, wont be sleeping much this week
  8. love to, however i'll be out getting my daughter a bird
  9. opened this morning, seen a video looked pretty nice
  10. Anyone have any insider information on when they'll raise the lake? kind of hoping with no snow they might start raising it a bit early I really want to quarantine myself in my boat, however I don't want to beat up my boat just to go
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