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  1. thank you, yeah it was crazy, I've never seen that many boats there
  2. thanks but i need line counters as i'm looking to set up dipsys
  3. hey guys, i'm getting ready to order a couple new 30size okuma coldwaters for wire dipsy setup however i thought i'd check here first, if anyone has some good condition left handed convectors or cold water they want to get rid of
  4. kind of a slow day, but the kids had fun my daughter has been raised in a boat, we were able to get my buddies youngest out today for her first trip fished long point, it was the first time in my life the parking lot was almost full, caught a few lakers but couldn't manage to find a single rainbow or salmon
  5. weather don't look great, but still better than working good luck, be safe and let's have some fun this weekend
  6. I've tried several different way's the best for me, bounce it 3 times and reel as fast as you can my biggest fish always come on the retrieve, some almost on the surface the biggest thing to remember, they don't always bite even when they're right under you, we've fished for hours with nothing to show, then all of a sudden they turn on and we catch 15 in a hour, then bamn nothing for hours another thing of note, the fish are everywhere rite now, in another month they'll concentrate deeper
  7. wow beautiful rig, the debris has been bad
  8. thanks i'm loving it
  9. i've been looking to upgrade for a long time, finally found what i think is the perfect boat for me Alumacraft trophy 190 i do a lot of laker jigging and casting for walleye, i also wanted to be able to troll picked this up a month ago, finally got it set up, need to add a vertical tree then it will be done
  10. thank you, i thought so however the comments had me worried
  11. quick question, i was just ready to order a couple of these from fishusa, at the bottom in the question section, it says these won't fit a traxtec trac or cisco trac can anyone confirm this, or are they wrong will they fit
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