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  1. thanks for all these tips, one thing i struggle with when going this slow, what do you do on your other rigger and what would you put on dipsys, can you run flashers that slow?
  2. https://syracuse.craigslist.org/boa/d/keeseville-2002-baha286-sf/7339624882.html not mine, seen it on craigslist 2002 baha
  3. I'm sure you had a good laugh watching us get the boat ready in the pooring rain haha the weather did turn out nice, we did a beatiful 7lb brown and a few 7lb lakers just couldn't break the 7lb mark, had a great time though, congrats on a beautiful brown
  4. i run them on wire and the dive chart on the package has been almost perfect
  5. i'm a big fan of the Okuma blue diamond rods, they're Inexpensive and really built well for the money https://www.fishusa.com/Okuma-Blue-Diamond-Trolling-Rods-a-Series
  6. i like the stealth core for my bigger reals however i had a few 20 size reals i wanted to try as short cores 2 colors, 3 colors of suffix 832 micro 18lb on a okuma coldwater 20 size real, has been amazing on the browns
  7. the plan is to launch at Lodi state park, i'm just not sure about where's closest place to weigh in fish i'd hate to have to pay at sampson just to weigh in, maybe watkins
  8. hey guys, quick question where's the best place to weigh in fish, samsen or drive to geneva? this is our first year in, and i've never fished seneca before so i just don't know where the most room is, i'll have my boat with me
  9. my cannon retrieve kits came with like 8 foot cords, i have 5' booms and still cut a couple feet off, maybe someone cut yours to fit might be easier to just buy new kits, you can find them on sale for 10$
  10. somebody should start a post on who has the best price on X4D why you do that, i'll start negotiations with the boss, i mean accountant
  11. i fish out of a 19foot alumacraft, i know exactly what you're talking about it is scary some days, with my double battery system, and 9.9 merc, mine sits really low, and when you're setting riggers hangin over the back, will make you think it will limit your trolling direction more than anything else, if you troll into the waves, it's harder to control, however it's really your only option some days I love my boat, and it's perfect for the finger lakes, however the next one will have a higher transom for sporty days
  12. home depot or lowes buy copper pipe insulation https://www.lowes.com/pd/Frost-King-1-2-in-x-6-ft-Foam-Plumbing-Tubular-Pipe-Insulation/3133243
  13. some real nice bucks guys congrats to all
  14. deer permits due suck, i got one even worse, i live and hunt in the DMFA zone some idiot at DEC thought it was a good idea, to let people shoot 2 deer per day every day in Jan that hurt
  15. if you're driveing from owego it depends on which way you go if you come down 38, stop at kleins archery it's right on the way 119 Freeville Rd (8.95 mi) Dryden, NY 13053 Get Directions (607) 844-3474
  16. i have 12 or 14 Okuma Blue Diamond rods on my boat, I love them they're not the best rod out there, but they are inexpensive and work great, i think i own every style they make and have had no issues with them
  17. some nice bucks for sure, look forward to seeing one on the ground
  18. this guy is a genius, i was raised in the back woods, with some questionable hunting methods, now I crossed over and became a successful family man he didn't lie, written permission only, he never said he would give it also he now has a list of phone numbers, he catches you on there and you try to lie to the LEO, it will be hard if he has your number and name from caller I.D
  19. Thanks guys, I’m living the dream Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  20. my daughter has graves disease, it made her left eye grow 2x bigger than the right, she lost the ability to close just her left eye it also gives her fits with eye dominance, so we use an eye patch to eliminate any problems
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